Aug 13, 2011


No, I don't have one and this post isn't about boyfriends (not at all). I was just listening to the Big Rush song (don't judge!) 'Boyfriend' and was pretty impressed by how intense the stutter on 'boyfriend' is. Imagine if someone actually had such a bad stutter?

Anyway, let's cut to the chase: after kicking back and finishing a paperback I had with me (no more books, waaaaaaaaaaah!) I headed downstairs for dinner. After a bit of deliberation, I decided that this was the dinner the heat called for:

It doesn't really look like a $9 dinner to me (especially considering that the water was mine) but it did taste good and was prepared relatively quickly. The bread was nice and soft, though I would have liked it toasted better...

I had greens, salsa, dijon mustard, yellow mustard, guacamole, sauteed tomato, pickles, cucumber, and tomato on there - yes, I'm weird. Your point? It was tasty, and that's all that matters. :P

As you know me and my big appetite, I'm pretty sure you already knew that the sandwich and apple (which was less than crisp, much to my dismay) weren't quite enough to fill me up. So I finished with this:

A Cinnamon Raisin Flavor & Fiber bar! These do taste like candy, albeit more substantial. And definitely filling! I was *full* after this!

This is a tasty bar for cinnamon roll/cinnamon toast fans. As always, the folks at Gnu take flavor seriously!

Oh, and for you vegans - I just realized that this was a fully vegan dinner (unintentional, again)! Because yup, the Gnu bar might have tasted like a buttery cinnamon roll, but it was 100% vegan (though *NOT* gluten-free, because whole wheat is an important part of the Gnu bars' high fiber grain combo).

Anyway, full to the brim, I hung out in the lobby for a while (yes, yes, free wifi!) and then went back up to my room to leaf through a magazine, watch a little silly TV, and enjoy this:

The pillow wished me 'sweet dreams.'

Thanks, I don't mind if I do! :)

Do you like cinnamon?

What's your favorite condiment?

What's the *weirdest* sandwich you've ever had?

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