Aug 8, 2011

Battery Blues

I woke up bright and early this morning (thanks, Maine sun) and decided to head straight to lab to get some work done. As I wasn't super hungry yet, I decided to make a shake and pack a real breakfast for later.

I tried the last of the three YouShake mixes: Vanilla Dream (Ingredients = Soy Protein, Organic Cane Juice, Organic Vanilla Powder).

As there were no veggies left (so sad!) I made a shake with the mix, a banana, soy milk, and a few ice cubes. And then I got out my camera to photograph it and - alas - my battery was dead: again!

I bought these new Duracell rechargeable batteries just last week, and I am *so* not impressed. Yes, they're rechargeable - but what good is that to me, if they have to be recharged after every four pictures that I take?! This does not bode well for London next week...And they were so expensive! GAH! *Not happy.*

So that's why this post has no pics - sorry! The batteries are recharging (again) now, so I'll be able to take some pics for my later posts.

Anyway, the shake was okay. I think it's just because the 'Blended Bliss' shake was so delicious, but my feelings about the 'Vanilla Dream' are lukewarm. It tasted more malted than vanilla, was the most protein-shake-tasting of the three and wasn't nearly as creamy. Is that because of the soy instead of whey protein?

Still, it was a good nutritional powerhouse - 15% of your daily iron and a whopping 16g of protein for only 10g of sugar (just 2 grams more sugar than Silk's vanilla soymilk, for comparison, but 10 grams more of protein).  And, if you like malts, you'll like it.

But I'm still *quite* unhappy about the battery situation. How frustrating!

Do you know any tricks to make batteries last longer in cameras?

What batteries have you had the best (and worst) experiences with?

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