Aug 5, 2011

Blueberry Green...Milkshake?

I  had to be at lab obscenely early today. So early, in fact, that even my stomach wasn't quite ready for breakfast yet - and that's very rare!

But I know my body and I  know that it's not a good idea to ask it to do things without giving it any fuel. So I packed a proper breakfast for later and made a green monster to have on my walk over to lab.

I was lucky enough to get the last of the spinach, but then I realized that I was missing something: fruit!

This saved the day:

There was a tablespoon or so of jam left, which I scooped into the house blender, and tons of stuff on the sides. I scraped that all out and gave the jar a good rinse with a wee bit of water (which went into the blender, too). Threw some ice cubes in and gave the blender a good whir:

Beautiful! I don't know why, but I was expecting something dark (actually, I do know why: dark blueberry jam + dark green spinach = dark'd think) but ended up with this light green beauty.

Poured it into a cup, to go:

OH WOW. This pretty much blew my socks off. It was sooo sweet, light, and...creamy?! just like a milkshake! But...there's no dairy or dairy substitute?

Based on what I put in, it had absolutely no right to be as delicious as it was. But, hey - I'm not complaining! And seriously - if you have this jam, make this green (not)milkshake now. It's amazing and the weirdest part is that it tastes just a like a diner shake with not a hint of spinach or healthiness. Weird!!

It was also just what I needed to fuel me through my first set of procedures before sitting down to a proper breakfast.

Oh, and on the walk to work, I saw Bambi!

Is it bad that I live life in Disney references? Oh, well, I love Disney! :0

Are you a breakfast person?

Have you ever had a recipe turn out completely unexpected - in a good way?

Have you ever walked right up on a deer?

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