Sep 14, 2011

Cheezy Spinach

I stumbled upon this fabulous side dish yesterday - cheezy spinach!

I started with some oil, chopped tomato (1 medium/large) and some frozen sauteed spinach (about two handful out of this empty box).

After sauteeing all of that for about five minutes, I add a shake pepper, a teeny-weeny pinch of iodized salt, and a great big of Nooch.

Stir it all together and sautee for another three minutes and tada!

It's a delightfully flavorful side and goes excellently with potatoes in about any form. For some protein, I recommend pairing with a sausage/vegetarian sausage/tofu.

It was deliciate-worthy (deliciate = old word meaning to enjoy, delight in).

Do you ever accidentally make something delicious?
Do things turn out better or worse than you expected (for the most part)?

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