Oct 7, 2011

The Chemistry of Clever Chocolate

Sorry guys, I'm just in an alliteration kind of mood today (even if it's only spelled, and not spoken, alliteration). It's a wearing-the-nerdy-glasses kind of day.

Anyway, here's a little fun chemistry: radicals earn their negative reputation! Literally - radicals are molecular species with electrons that have unpaired spins (an example of a radical is NO). Because of the unpaired electron spins, radicals are energetically unstable and highly reactive.

HINT: Highly reactive compounds tend not to be something you want to have inside of you. :P

Antioxidants are compounds that react rapidly with radicals, (hopefully) before they can do any/much damage. Consuming antioxidants can thus delay the effects of radicals on your system, keeping you healthy and young longer! And guess what a tasty source of antioxidants is?

Clever chocolate!

So what's clever chocolate?

I'd call this Peppermint Ulimana Truffle clever - made of just a few, simple, organic, raw ingredients and super-delicious to boot!

They're dark and awesome and fudgy as can be. I ate one just like that and then chopped up the other two to make a crazy-awesome sandwich (because you just can't eat three, even though they're small, plain - they're too flavorful).

Whole rye bread topped with a thick layer of plain quark, chopped peppermint truffle, and walnuts from the garden. I had to cut the slice of bread into thirds, because the mountain of toppings would otherwise slide off, and didn't think to take a picture until the last third (above) was the only one left.

So yummy!

Do you understand why certain things are healthy?
Do you care about the 'why'?
What's your favorite subject?

AND: What do you want to be when you grow up (even if you're already a grown up)?

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