Oct 5, 2011

Crazy-Awesome Giveaway! (And Some Smart Snacking)


I made my very first (I think) non-vegan green monster!

It's quark (think greek yogurt - about 1/2 cup), frozen spinach, frozen blackberries, agave nectar. By making it non-vegan, I added more of a nutritional punch (more protein and fat, specifically). For me, that's a good thing!

It was good....but then - SHAZAM!

I'm going to push aside false modesty for a moment and just be brutally honest: I was struck by brilliance. Tastylicious brilliance - YUM!!!

Though, as far as the straight-up green monster base goes, this one beat it:

I finally got my grandmother's aged blender to kick (er, whirr?) into action and have been green monster-ing up my afternoons these past few days. Check out this delightfully delicious green monster made of frozen spinach, a dash of cinnamon, half of a pomegranate, and about 1 cup of this soy-rice milk:
Nom-nom-nom. I swear, green monsters are just as addicting and cravable as ice cream and cookie pie.

I rounded out my snack (of the top green monster and walnuts) with a slice of whole rye bread, Artisana almond butter, and strawberry jam.

Now that's smart snacking! Vitamins, minerals, protein, carbs, sugars, and healthy fats - everything that my brain needs to do this chemistry properly!

Seriously, I actually notice that I'm smarter when I eat lots of fats and carbs. It makes sense (we could get into a long, scientific explanation, if you want), but isn't that cool? I encourage you guys to try it out! FAT. IS. AWESOME. :)

Do you eat a lot of fat?

What's your favorite source of it? I like nuts and nut butters, but that's just me. :P

**************LIVING, LEARNING, EATING'S GIVEAWAY!**************

After I reviewed Artisana's amazing organic almond butter, it's not a big surprise that people wanted to try it themselves - after all, it's pretty fantastic! SOOOOOOOOO...the generous folks over at Artisana (thanks, Jaisan) have agreed to let me giveaway an assortment of their tasty nut butter squeeze packs, as well as an 8 oz jar of the reader's choice of any of their nut butters (except Cashini and Tahini) to one lucky reader (in the United States)! I'm choosing the winner the old fashioned way (name out of a hat - er, handbag). Here's how you can get entries:

1) Subscribe to my blog, then let me know in the comments section of this post.

2) Follow me (Live, Learn, Eat) on Twitter, then let me know in the comments section of this post.

You get two entries if you do both. ;) And don't forget to let me know what flavor of Artisana's awesome nut butter you want for your 8oz jar! The giveaway ends next Wednesday, October 12, and I'll announce the winner on my blog!

Good luck! :)

*The giveaway is now closed*

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