Aug 10, 2011

Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs (or not)

Some people already had their presentations today (ah!) so I got to come home once the presentations were over - which was mid-afternoon (yay!).

So I'm just going to put this out there: when you take some kind of grain, puff it up, and bloat it with sugar/food coloring/preservatives, I tend not to be impressed. Maybe it's because I like making my own mixes so much, but with cereal, I tend to really like it when they're nice and simple - that provides you with a solid base to build on.

And a nutritionally solid base is always good, too, as I am a *very* busy college student/intern and always need all the gung-ho energy that I can get.

Nutritional stats like this have me impressed:

Do you see that? Less than 1g of sugar - seriously?? 25% magnesium (a mineral that surprisingly many people, including my cousin's boyfriend, are deficient in - resulting in icky-micky migraines)? 40% of your frickin' RDI of fiber???

Is it April Fool's Day yet?


It's just Uncle Sam's day!

The kind folks over at Attune Foods were nice enough to send me a box of Uncle Sam's to try, when they found out about my hunt for a healthy, tasty cereal (I'm being absolutely spoiled, on the cereal front!)

And, whoever Uncle Sam is, he's a man after my own heart:

Just four - count 'em, four! - ingredients. Sounds good! But will it taste like cardboard? Because something can be as natural and healthy as it wants, but if it tastes like dirt/bark, it's going straight to the compost heap.

I decided to waste no time (especially as I was ready for some food, anyway) and give it a try:

It looks good to me! I poured it on top of some Chobani, to replace my usual lame knock-off cheerios or half-stale bran flakes.

See all those flax seeds? Yay! I love flax seeds!

The cereal is crunchy, fresh, and (despite the pretty much complete lack of sugar) really tasty! I could have eaten it plain, just like that - it was so good!

But I decided to build a yogurt mess, as that is what I do best. :P

I threw some Craisins on top, and swirled a bit of Dark Chocolate Dreams in the corner (Cocoa Puffs, eat my
whole grain breakfast cereal).

The cereal was the perfect accompaniment to the Dark Chocolate Dreams - the usual suspects aren't substantial enough; they wouldn't have held up to the challenge.

Not quite sure why I have two spoons...the better to eat it with? Hmm...wouldn't I need two mouths? And no, the two spoons aren't there because I shared - this is *t00* yummy to share (though I know I will, because my housemates have been eying my Uncle Sam's and Dark Chocolate Dreams longingly and trying to pull the whole 'puppy dog eyes' thing on me...

*Sigh,* it sucks being so nice! :P Hahaha!

I'm actually eating this right now. And one of my housemates just grabbed the other spoon and helped himself to a mouthful. *AHEM: Slaps hand.*

Do you remember Grape Nuts? I used to be all over them, because they had a similar simplicity thing going for them - but these are way yummier! They're lighter (but still substantial), far superior in texture, have that lovely flaxseed crunch, and yup - the guy that just stole a bite also just ran right out of the front door - he's headed to Hannaford's to get himself a box! They're *that* good.

Looks like I'm all set on the basic cereal front! You can bet your bottom dollar (I feel like watching Annie...) that Uncle Sam's is going to be a dorm room staple for me, come spring semester. It's such a tasty and healthful way to power my studying (and orgo next summer, I think - *shudder*). Plus, I think this could add some interesting crunch to cookies (assuming that the box makes it through the next week and a half, until I'm settled in Germany and ready to bake: doubtful).

Thanks, Annelies!

How do you like eating your cereal?

Have you ever tried Uncle Sam's?

Is cereal one of your staple go-to foods when you're busy/studying?

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