Aug 17, 2011


It was a warm day in Boston, so we decided to head out for some frozen goodness to cool us off! A hop, skip, and T-ride lader, we found ourselves on Newbury Street. Now: to find that Pinkberry...

We searched high; we searched low. We did not find the Pinkberry. *Sigh.*

But we found Tasti D-Lite, instead! None of us had ever eaten at Tasti D-Lite before, but I have read about it and heard about it from New Yorker friends who are huge fans, so we decided to check it out!

My mom had a small cup of Tart & Tasti with raspberries, my little sister had a small cup of french vanilla with sprinkles and oreos, and I had a regular cup of Tart & Tasti with raspberries, blueberries, and a peanut butter brownie (I warned you about the sweet tooth!). These three cups were $18 and I have to admit that I wasn't too impressed with the few toppings they sprinkled on. For the same price, I could have way more toppings at Pinkberry or (my favorite) Red Mango.

It was tasty, though. The tangy Tart & Tasti lived up to its name and was very refreshing, as well as the perfect accompaniement to the brownie and the berries. The brownie tasted a little...beany?...and was kind of caky in consistency, but I really enjoyed it after the first two bites!

It's not a frozen yogurt, just a frozen dairy dessert (here's what's in the vanilla: water, nonfat milk, sugar, corn syrup, cream, guar gum, locust bean gum, carrageenan, vanilla, lactase) but it is tasty and I like that they had a nice tart flavor and that you can top it with what you want. They also had some tasty looking cookie sandwiches...

All in all, though, I think I'll stick to fro-yo as my favorite. This wasn't *quite* as delicious or *quite* as creamy, though it was good, and so I'd probably only eat here again if there were nothing better around.

Anyway, after having our frozen treats, we walked around Newbury Street a bit. I love Boston! There are so many different cultures, there's so much tradition (gothic churches juxtaposed with chrome sky rises!), and it's just such a fun, outdoors-friendly city!

Do you like Tasti D-Lite?

What's your favorite dessert?

Do you have a favorite city?

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