Sep 27, 2011

Do You Speak American?

Hi, guys! What fun stuff have you been up to? I got to watch someone get what looked like a USB stick drive inserted just below her skin. In reality, it records heart frequencies and, as she has a tendency to just tip over, lets the doctors know what exactly is going on in there when she tips over. Tipping over isn't always so good... :P

I also tried these:

Which, despite their pretty packaging...

...were pretty disappointing. I didn't get the intense dark flavor that I like and the weird wafer thing (reminded me of a cheap ice cream cone?) over the Nutella-ish filling and under the weird chocolate sprinkles (didn't taste like much, I felt like they were just hardened sugar clumps that were dyed brown...) was pretty icky. The best part was the hazelnut in the center, but it was just a pretty standard hazelnut and nothing to write home about.


Maybe blame it on the ingredients list?

It's generally a warning when sugar is the very first ingredient - unless there's something intense to follow, it just means sweet. And sweet whey powder? White flour? Wheat starch? Tapioca starch? Ammonium hydrogen carbonate and sodium hydrogen carbonate?

Since when do such things belong in a truffle?! Sheesh, Ferrero!

Anyway, after that disappointment I'm looking forward to trying the super-yummy looking (very few, and all natural, ingredients, to boot!) truffles that the kind folks over at Ulimana sent me. That post will come soon. Probably sometime this (long) weekend. :)

Oh, and I just had to post these tasties:

Because other than having a great cracker texture for scooping up peanut butter, nutella, quark, you name it (check it out!)...

...they also reminded me of Sara!

That's why I bought them actually, because I couldn't stop giggling in the store. And I'm glad I did! Unlike Ferrero (who you think would know their chocolate), Finns obviously know their crackers/crisbread!

Oh and, as for the title of the post -

Fellow Intern: It's great how well you [and foreign patient] understand each other. It's so useful that English and American are so similar!

Me: Ehm.... (thinks: I didn't realize American was a language!)

Do you speak American?

What do you think it means to speak American?

Do you ever buy things because they remind you of someone you (kind of) know?

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