Aug 8, 2011

Flaky Fantastic

There's been some buzz about these in the health food blog world lately: Kamut Flakes.

So I was super happy when Janelle Morris of Eden Organic offered to send me some Kamut Flakes to try. Yes, please! And hey, they're not too nutritionally shabby, either!

Especially as I'm a big fan of oats, I was super-excited to rip into these when they got here yesterday.

And a little closer up, because you know I'm all about texture:

They look like big, chewy oats! Yum! I could see these being *quite* something in baked goods...that's definitely going to happen and I'm definitely going to have to post some recipes and results. But for now, I figured I should try them in their more traditional form.

One problem: it's too hot for hot cereal. Problem-solved: overnight-oats it! Yup, that's an action. :P

I ding-donged them in a ceramic bowl for two minutes and they looked like this:

Then I transferred them to a container to take to work (tomorrow's going to be another early day, I can just tell) and let them soak overnight in the fridge.

At work, I opened up my container and found a great deal of liquid unabsorbed. It turns out that you really don't need that much! I poured of the excess and wala:

The flakes are soft, chewy, and delicious, with a deeper, nuttier flavor than regular old oats. I ended up pouring the rice milk on top and chopping some of the apple into it: yum!

And then (because who am I kidding if I'm trying to pretend that's all I was going to eat for breakfast?) I tore into this:

A Lemon Ginger Flavor & Fiber Bar that the kind folks over at Gnu Foods sent me to try!

Sweetened exclusively with fruits and fruit juices, and delivering a whopping 48% of the RDI for fiber, Flavor & Fiber bars a virtuous pick. And (maybe a little surprisingly, at least to me), they're also *absolutely* delicious!

Though there are seven tasty flavors to try, I knew that I wanted to try this one first - lemon and ginger? Doesn't that sound crazy?

Um, if you mean crazy-delicious, then yes! The bars had a nice chew, with a bunch of different textures from the dried fruits and grains (including fun little bits of super-chewy apple) and the flavor was rock-my-world tasty.

The lemon is definitely the dominant flavor in the bar, but you can taste a nice note of ginger, as well. It's like lemon pie-meets-ginger chew-meets energy bar.

I ate most of it plain, but crumbled some on top of the last of my Kamut Flakes and Rice Dream:

And then regretted having not done that for the *whole* bowl. Because it's that tasty of a combo, with all kinds of lovely textures.

Even though I'm definitely a big breakfast kind of girl (my breakfasts can be pretty epic) I was *stuffed* to the brim after that. It must be all the fiber??

Do you like trying new foods and products?

What's your biggest/favorite meal?

Are you a lemon fan? I've recently come to love the sweet-tart flavor of lemon desserts (and this Lemon Ginger bar). Such tasty contrast!

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