Aug 27, 2011


I just had the WORST fro-yo experience of my life. The worst food service experience, in general!

If you're ever in the Braunschweig area, I recommend staying far, far, FAR away from the Eis Cafe Tiziano - and it's not even the ice cream's fault! Sure, their menu is a stunner, but it's really hard to swallow considering the terribly rude service!

I had a cup of froyo with blueberries in syrup and candied walnuts, which tasted okay (not the best, but not the worst, froyo I've had) but I didn't enjoy my 8 Euro cup at all!

It really cost 4 Euro (still a lot, when you do the conversion to USD), but I dropped my first cup because I was so harried by the terribly rude, impatient brat who served me. My aunt and I rushed to clean up the mess, but she didn't even offer us a napkin or any empathy for my wasted yogurt!

There's only one word to describe the girl, and it rhymes with witch.

I'm actually sad that I bought another (I only did because I promised you guys a review of German froyo), as I don't want to give another penny of my hard-earned money to a company that employs workers who treat the customers so badly. I am NOT eating at Eis Cafe Tiziano again - I'd rather go without!

I've worked in froyo cafes before and if I had behaved even half as nasty as she did, I would have been fired (rightfully!) on the spot.

Have you ever had a really terrible customer service experience?

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