Aug 15, 2011

Have it Your Way

Hi, guys!

When this is posted, I'll be in London - whoot whoot! But, considering the *crazy* schedule I'll probably be on and the fact that I'm not sure what the internet situation is London will be, I decided to schedule a few posts ahead of time - just so I don't neglect you. :) And, even if I don't post any material for the few days that I'm in London, I'll be gathering tons of it - and will be sure to post *at least* daily once I arrive in Germany and have my WiFi!

Anyway, here's a blog I wrote last week:

I was feeling peckish (heehee, I can't wait for London!) so I had a banana with PB (the off-brand one that we have at the house, with hydrogenated oils and trans fats - ick) and a YouBar.

Sorry for the blurred pic, I'm about to switch over to a new camera (in time for London & Germany) - I promise!

Anyway, I was displeased with the PB and just wish every company would pay as much attention to providing delicious, nutritious products as YouBar does. This bar had only 7g of sugar, but a whopping 10g of protein!

Ingredients = Cashew Butter, Honey, Whey Protein, Perky's Crunchy Rice Cereal (Rice Four, Rice Bran, Raisin Juice Concentrate, Honey, Salt).

This one was definitely the most like a traditional 'protein' bar of all of them. As you can see, it had a bit of an interesting texture:

Chew and dense, but a bit dry and crumbly, too. You *could* tell that there was protein powder in it and, if you don't like protein bars, this wouldn't be the bar for you. I thought it was still tasty though (not as amazing as the others , but still great to switch things up with).

It was sweet enough, but not too sweet, and was nice and substantial. My only real gripe, then, would be that it really fell apart - I had to eat it with a hand under my chin to catch the crumbles whenever I took a bite!

See the broken off bit?

But the cashew flavor did dominate the bar in a great way, and the honey added a nice subtly sweet touch. I'd recommend it, but not as strongly as the Breakfast Bar or Cookie Dough, both of which just blew my socks off.

And now I'll filled up and energized - I'm ready to nail my presentation. Wish me luck!

What's your favorite texture for a bar?

How do you blog when you're actively traveling (not the longer bits, like I'll be doing in Germany, but the crazy short ones)?

What's your favorite kind of short trip?

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