Jul 16, 2011

I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for (CJ's Big Dipper) Ice Cream

Hi guys!

Today was a real scorcher - well, at least for Bar Harbor, ME - so I knew just what I needed as an afternoon snack. After another Kashi granola bar (man, am I powering through that box!) dipped in some Crazy Richard's Peanut Butter (likewise for those jars!), I hopped on my bike and rode the mile to town...for ice cream!

So here's the thing - being a tourist destination and all, Bar Harbor is not a cheap place to get ice cream. One scoop will set you back about $4 - yikes! So, if it's going to cost that much, it better be the creamiest, yummiest, richest, biggest scoop of your life. And there's only one place where that's guaranteed:

CJ's Big Dipper! I go here waaaaay too much, especially for someone who's supposed to be saving money for an EXPENSIVE fall in LA (don't even get me started on the absurd rent I'm being charged for my shared bedroom at University Gateway - think FOUR DIGITS!!!!).

But who can resist? Their small (note that there's no mention of a single scoop, just a small, medium, and large) is FOUR WHOPPING SCOOPS of the richest, creamiest, yummiest ice cream you'll ever taste (sorry, Coldstone).

I went with the Heath Bar Crunch (as I always do):

Can you blame me? As you can tell, the ridiculous heat was not making my ice cream cone very happy! I had to eat a bunch of it before I could even take the picture (yes, it was even BIGGER than this) just because it was melting all over the place!

Seriously, it was like I was eating in a race! It was nice to have the cool ice cream on a hot day, but I think that I'll try to stick to cooler days from now on. If I'm going to spend $4 on an ice cream cone, I want to be able to take my time and enjoy it - not have to throw it back like I'm in an ice cream eating contest! I almost got a stomachache from eating so fast.

But, anyway, the ice cream base is super creamy, the portions are super generous (I've got to admit, I wish I had the option of one or two scoops for $1 or $2 - do I need 4 scoops at once? No. But, of course, I ate every last delicious drop and every last delicious crumb of the cone!), it's packed full with huge chunks of Heath bar (there was one that was literally the size of my finger near the middle), and the cone is much better quality than the ones you usually get.

My verdict?

If you're on Mount Desert Island, be sure to swing by CJ's Big Dipper - you won't regret it (though your wallet might)!

What's your favorite kind of ice cream?

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