Jul 11, 2011

The Ice Cream Sandwich Review that Almost Was...

I just had an okay ice cream sandwich and was pretty tempted to write a review. I mean, it was just a standard Hood bar (think two cakey chocolate cookies with a generous layer of so-so vanilla ice cream in between) and it really wasn’t even that tasty. The ice cream was not creamy, but it was still a bit too heavy. The cookies tasted super artificial and left my mouth covered in a thick film of sugar.

But it was my lunchtime dessert and sometimes you just want some low-quality stuff, you know? It’s like when people eat spray cheese – it’s probably not because they think it’s great cheese, but just because they’re in the mood for a little fun nostalgia.

Anyway, the point is that I didn’t write the review. Nor did I write a review of the killer roasted pepper hummus I had with my lunch (and I’m not a hummus fan, so it’s saying something that I liked it). Why? Because it just felt too awkward to whip out a camera and start snapping away at my food!

Do you photograph food in public? How do people react? Is it as awkward as it seems? Sound off in the comments, below – I’m looking forward to hearing your opinions!

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