Sep 11, 2011

A Very Chocolatey Bakefest

After completing some chemistry and procrastinating with some reading, the baking bug bit again!

I planned on just making one recipe (chocolate chip muffins for my muffin-loving uncle):

But they turned out so nicely (compared to the blackened disasters I got out of my geriatric oven last week).

I decided I just had to try just one more recipe. Something experimental...

Not a giant hockey puck, I swear. Nope, this is a 'tray' of brownies baked in a skillet pan. I wanted them to have some interesting spelty flavor, because I'm a big fan of whole grain baked goods, and I was also hoping to sneak in a little protein. So whole spelt flour? Check. Tofu? Check. Tasty? Check!

The best part about baking sans-eggs is being able to sample the batter throughout, in order to see whether or not the result will *probably* taste at the end.

I stirred together: 0.25c baking cocoa, 0.5 c. whole spelt flour, 0.25 tsp. baking powder, and  0.25 tsp. salt. In a separate bowl, I blended 0.6c honey, 50g firm tofu (chopped), 0.5 c. olive oil, 0.25 c. cow's milk, 1 tsp. vanilla extract (butter-vanilla, to be exact). I combined the two (don't overmix!) and then added 100g of chopped Lindt Excellence. Throwing in a candy bar is always a fabulous idea. :) Then I baked the beauty for 30 minutes, covered with aluminum foil, at 150C. It was tasty! I will have to try it as a brownie sundae base...

Anyway, now I had this big tub of tofu open, and nothing to do with it! So I decided to try to make my own tofu 'ice cream' pops.

They ended up being slices, but tasty ones!

I blended: 350g (finely chopped) firm tofu, 1 Tbsp baking cocoa, 1 tsp vanilla extract (butter-vanilla, again), 1.5 c. cow's milk, 0.2 tsp. salt, melted 100g Lindt Excellence Bar, 0.3 cup honey.

Then I poured it in a ceramic form and stuck it in the fridge for an hour. Took it out again, inverted it, and froze it in single portions. I'm imagining that this will be *fantastic* frozen, as it was very tasty just chilled.

But I didn't even turn on the oven for that, so it just couldn't be how I'd end my baking day. Instead, I decided to make another chocolate chip cookie pie, since it was so tasty!

But, knowing me, I couldn't leave the recipe alone. A gabajillion alterations later, this popped out of the oven:

A very tasty, but very different, still-chocolate-chip-cookie pie.

This time, 500g white beans, 0.75 tsp. baking powder, 0.125 tsp. baking soda, 0.125tsp. salt, 1 c. honey, 1.5 tsp. vanilla extract (butter-vanilla), 0.4 c. quick oats, 0.25 c. (generous) semi-ground flax seed, and 0.3 c. olive oil were blended together. Then a 100g bar of Lindt Excellence was chopped in, followed by a couple handfuls of chocolate chips. A little shake of cinnamon, 75 minutes (covered in aluminum foil) in the oven at 170C and tada!

As to which one I prefer, I'm reserving judgement for just a little bit longer. I'll get back to you about that! :)

Anyway, it was a very satisfying Saturday. But boy was I full at the end!

Have you ever baked with tofu?

Do you find yourself tempted to play with recipes?

I can never leave good enough alone, because I always see room for improvement (in everything) and why settle for good?

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