Aug 3, 2011

Jammin' It Up

I'm definitely taking a page out of Kath's book with this:

She plops jam on her oatmeal all the time, and though I've always thought it was a bit odd, I thought it might just work. So here it is - yogurt & cereal, not oatmeal, but whatever:

It was actually quite tasty! The sweetness of the jam against the tartness of the Chobani worked quite well :)

Then I had a banana with chunky peanut butter & lots of granola, and a thick slice of bread with chunky peanut butter & honey. Still hungry (my stomach wants to make up for lost time, what with the icky way it felt earlier this week), I ripped open a mini-Clif bar sample

Chocolate Brownie - hey, sounds good, right?

Er, that scared me a little...And syrup is the first ingredient? And I think it's what made the texture weird. Think hardened syrup with oats in it. I don't know about you, but that doesn't do it for me.

*NOTE: Brown rice syrup ISN'T the same thing as corn syrup or pancake syrup - it's much more natural and much healthier. Also, the composition of the bar is such that it holds up during a long hike or grueling bike ride - so there are pluses to the bar's texture. It's really all about your needs!*

But as far as I go, I prefer to have a grain, nut, or fruit as the first ingredient in my 'healthy' snacks.

I took a bite: it tasted like sugar, but not like a brownie. Not really like chocolate, either??? Questionable...

I plopped it on a slice of 15 grain bread (not that I know what the bulk of those 15 grains are - what is it with all this 'more ingredients = better' business?)

I can't say it looks too great. Not to be a potty-head (thank my little sister for that expression) but it reminds of something else a *lot* more than it reminds me of a brownie...

I sandwiched the bread over it, so that I wouldn't have to look at it :P

It was okay. After a few bites, it did grow on me. Especially with the bread closed over it so I didn't have to look at it (and the wrapper in the bin, where I didn't have to look at its unimpressive ingredients list). Even the texture got to be okay. And it was filling (or was that everything else that I ate with it? Hmm....all I know is, I'm stuffed).

Verdict? I'd probably eat it again, or at least try another flavor, if it were being handed out for free somewhere. But would I pay a buck for a bar? Most likely not, unless I was starving and it was the only vegetarian thing around. I'm confident that there are better energy bars out there. Lara bars, for one, are tastier and more natural (fewer, higher quality ingredients). The problem with Lara bars is that you're out of luck if you aren't looking for a very sweet date bar. But I'm sure there's got to be some delicious and nutritious bar out there, just waiting for me to discover it. I'll be on the look-out; this is going to become an active mission for me!

ON A DIFFERENT NOTE: Online shopping is sooo bad. :P Way too addictive! I just ordered a new digital camera, because I'm not happy with the quality of the pics from my current cam. So, as of mid- to late-next week, the pictures should get sharper/better! YAY! Ouch for my wallet, though :P

And, on a STILL different note: Look what I just got in the mail!

It's a middle grade novel that my fellow fiction-writer, Peggy Tibbetts, sent me to review! I've already cracked it open (I'm on page 47 and will be getting back to it ASAP), so a review should be coming up soon!

And excuse the ink on my hand. I ran out of paper.

Do you write on yourself?

What's your favorite energy bar? I swear I won't judge if it's a Clif bar - everyone has different tastes and needs! :)

What's the weirdest thing you put jam on?

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