Aug 16, 2011

Java Fix

Hi, guys!

I'm in London, yippee! And this post is courtesy of last-week-in-Maine-me, who decided to schedule posts *just in case* (if I end up having WiFi access + time in London, then they'll just be extra posts - that's fine!).

So, without further ado: java time!

I'm the kind of person who can only handle coffee in Frappucino/Ice Cream form. This Gnu Foods Flavor & Fiber Espresso Chip bar was sweet and tasty, like the aforementioned, but much healthier - for when I need a snack that won't send me into a sugar crash!

Check out those whole grains and flax:

And it tasted like a healthy dessert, with lots of yummy flax and - this one came out of left field! - millet (?!) to add nice texture and chew to the bar. I'm a fan!

You get intense dark chocolate flavor with even more intense espresso notes overtop.

And, at least for me, a real energy burst from the caffeine! Because it's not made with coffee 'flavor' but with real ground coffee beans. As I'm not used to coffee, I was like 'yowzers!'

But it was tastylicious (tastilicious?) and I need that power burst to power me through presentation practice (this was an after dinner, ~9pm, snack to keep me going for a bit longer...surprisingly, I slept well despite the coffee!)

Anyway, this bar was really tasty - if all of them are like this and the Lemon Ginger bar I reviewed, I don't think I'll be able to pick favorites!

Does coffee keep you awake?

What's your favorite coffee flavor combination?

Do you drink coffee a lot?

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