Aug 4, 2011

Letters to Juniper by Peggy Tibbetts (Middle Grade book Review)

A few days ago, I told you guys that I got this in the mail:

Peggy Tibbetts's middle grade novel 'Letters to Juniper.' Avid reader that I am, I immediately started reading it.

The start was a little slow, but by the time I got to page seven, I found myself getting more and more wrapped up in the story. Sarah, our oh-so-lovable protagonist, is a sweet 12 year old girl in a very unfortunate familial situation, who finds her family on the front of what she likens to "a war." Tibbetts' strong narrative voice brought Sarah to life, such that I couldn't even put the book down during dinner (er...tomato sauce spots add character?)

The story is told in a chillingly true style and really draws readers in - not only was I reading through mealtimes, but also on my walk to and from work! The ending, at least for me, came out of nowhere! I thoroughly enjoyed 'Letters to Juniper' and think it's good enough to pull the little (er, middle?) ones away from their gameboys. ;)

Though Tibbetts markets it as a middle grade novel, I think the story definitely has young adult cross-over potential. I'd recommend 'Letters to Juniper' for 10 to 16 year old readers! You can get a copy here. Check it out! :)

How do you decide what book to read next?
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