Nov 29, 2011

My Foodie Bucket List for NaNeFoMo

So apparently 'foodie' is an offensive term now? I don't get why, since it just means 'someone who likes food' (aka: pretty much anyone with any evolutionarily selected-for genes...I'm looking at YOU).

Just kidding. But let's not get caught upon the PC thing, okay?

*DISCLAIMER: This is a politically INcorrect zone.*

a.k.a.: The best kind. Moving on...

I made a bucket list guys!

A whatIneedtoeatandreviewASAP list. And I'm *actually* going to try to cross them all of the list within the next three months - heck, why not all in December?

If November was NaNoWriMo (50,147 words, yay!) then December out to be NaNeFoMo. Yup, NaNeFoMo it is - National New Food Month! Please join me (for you curious cats, that's what the button that mysteriously cropped up in my sidebar is all about - grab my button and join me)!


Living, Learning, Eating's Bucket List:

1) Peanut Flour - there's sooooo much love for peanut flour out there...what a fabulous ingredient! I hope. :P

2) Yogurt - huh? I eat yogurt everyday! Yes, except I'm going to make it my personal goal to find the yummiest yogurt - lots of different brands and flavors until I have the ultimate winner! Yes, I do odd things for fun...

3) Non-dairy Yogurt - I've only tried it once, but I want to try more: soy yogurts, almond (lactose sensitive) tummy would be very happy

3) Raw Food - I'm not going to go raw, no worries. But trying raw pizza or desserts? Sounds exciting and a must-do!

4) Sprouted Bread - Again, it's not like I'm going to not eat the usual stuff - au contraire! But expanding my bread repertoire? Yes, please!

5) Amazing Grass and Sunwarrior - Because I've been loving green drinks and because there's so much love for them in the blogosphere. They can't ALL be crazy, right?

6) Kombucha  - Even though I *still* don't really know what it is...hopefully nothing too nasty. Is it related to Kabocha? I heard the word and it sounded cool, so now it's on my list. 

7) Chia Seeds - Eating something that's meant to be part of a 90s toy/plant thing sounds strange, but...

so assuming things isn't a good way to go.  :P

8) Socca  - a.k.a. supposedly sweet pancake-esque awesomeness with *garbanzo flour.* I want this to taste good so bad! Because if it does taste good, it could taste *amazing.*

9) Random Berries that I've never tried before - ever walk into your local health food store and not recognize half of the dried fruits there? NO MORE! :P

10) Kay's Naturals Protein Cereal - Because Shannon is crazy about it. 

11) Veggie Fries - I'll be on the lookout for veggies *other* than potatoes, because those sound like such a fun way to mix things up!

12) Something gluten-free - Again, I'm NOT going to go gluten-free. I don't see the need! But if any of my readers have celiac's disease or a gluten intolerance, I don't want them to feel left out. 

Why does 'bro' sound so different than 'sis'

13) A Glass Straw

Okay, okay, that last one's not REALLY a food and I'm not actually going to EAT it, but since they're so much more environmentally (and people!) friendly and straws are such fun, I'm investing in one. I just ordered one online for $10. I hope it turns out awesome and doesn't break for years and years (because then it would be worth $10 - yes, I have high standards).

Also, I need a thirteenth thing for my list. 13 is such a cooler number than 12.

ANYWAY, here are the NaNeFoMo rules:

1) Choose at least 5, but no more than an unlimited amount of new foods to try during December. They can be products, food types, recipes, etc. For any ED folks out there, fear foods definitely count and, in fact, I think it's fabulous if you include at least one or two! For anyone else, just push yourself to try something new! That breaks down to a little over one a week, which is doable on any budget. :)

2) Add the button to your blog, so that others can join the party. This is optional, but I encourage you to leave links to your posts about your new foods in the comments on my post so that I (and my readers) can come check them out!

Why should you do it? Because you'll feel super accomplished and maybe find something yummy and new to eat, duh! And also because one NaNeFoMo participant will win a SURPRISE PRIZE CARE PACKAGE from yours truly at the end of the month! I'll choose the winner based on my sense of your overall devotion to NaNeFoMo and how hard you pushed yourself. And it won't be a giveaway prize from a company, it will be a legit (and awesome) care package that I'll put together and send to you - EVEN IF YOU LIVE IN ANTARCTICA! I wonder how much that would cost me in shipping? :P

How many of you guessed that I just discovered Pinterest? Sooooooo guilty. :P

Are you going to join me for NaNeFoMo? Of course you are, silly.

What new foods are you going to try?

Did anyone else think this when you read Twilight for the first time? Admittedly, it was around Christmas...

Source: via Alison on Pinterest

do enjoy the Twilight books, there's no need to pretend otherwise, but I definitely wouldn't call Bella a female role model.

Source: via Grace on Pinterest


  1. Peanut Flour - there's sooooo much love for peanut flour out there...what a fabulous ingredient! I hope. :P

    my thoughts precisely!!! haha!

    you must experience SoDelicious's vanilla flavoured greek style coconut yogurt (dairy free)! amazing stuff! x

  2. Thanks, I hope you join me! And I'll put SoDelicious on my grocery list ASAP. Thanks for the suggestion! ;)

  3. NaNeFeMo sounds fun! And I love your to-try list. For yogurt, I buy normal yogurt because it is so much cheaper than Greek yogurt, and strain it through a few layers of paper towels lined on a sieve - better than ANY brand of storebought yogurt, I guarantee. SO THICK AND CREAMY! And I really wanna try non-dairy yogurt too - our team's proposed production of dairy-free yogurt for a science project, we're hoping it gets through. :)

  4. I hope you join me! And thanks for that yogurt idea - it sounds awesome! You creative person, you! :P Also, fun project - do you know what you want to base the Lynogurt on?

  5. Chobani yogurt is my favorite hands down! :) And peanut flour, oh boy don't even get me started on that glory. LOVEEEEE :D
    NaNeFoMo sounds fun! I may have to try it!

  6. I think it is going to be fun - and I'd love it if you'd do it! I went on a crazy Chobani kick this summer...they're probably the best, but if I have to give the other guys a shot. Now I am soooooooooo excited to try peanut flour!

  7. I love the idea of trying new things :)
    Sadly there are many things which I like to try but cannot get my hands on here in Germany...
    I ordered NuNaturals Stevia from but the custom office opened the package and send it back!

  8. Awesome list of new foods to try. Peanut flour is one of my favourite foods, It comes in so handy! I've tried Kombucha a few times, it's pretty interesting, and chia seeds are pretty handy too! Can't wait to hear what you think of some of these things you will be trying! :)

  9. Blumenbad - Oh, no! My friend ordered it from iHerb too, and it got here just fine - maybe try again? Shannon from Healthiful Balance has done it, too... You should join me for NaNeFoMo! Then it'll be all international. :P

    Sarah - Thanks, I'm so excited! You should join me. :)

  10. I love peanut flour! It is a staple for me. You should try manna sprouted bread if you can - it's delicious! I recently tried kombucha and I was a fan! It's weird at first but strangely addicting!

  11. Thanks, Tara - I'm googling manna sprouted bread ASAP. I'm so excited for this! Please join me. :)

  12. Love your bucket list! Yes, you should try peanut flour!! It's soo good! :D

    The No Shave November picture made me laugh :P
    Welcome to Pinterest...prepare to ve addicted! :D <3

  13. I'm so excited to try peanut flour! And I hope you join me for NaNeFoMo! :)

    Pinterest is sooooooo addicting. I think it's too late already. :P

  14. I adore Kombucha and Kay's Protein cereals! I am usually not into protein fortified foods but DAYUM. Those cereals are good. I love your foodie bucket list! This was fun :)

    And I second the manna sprouted bread suggestion. The rye manna bread is fantastic with chocolate peanut butter on top! YUM.

  15. Karina - Awesome, I'm so excited by everyone's positive feedback about my tasty choices. It sounds like I'll be in for a yummy December! I hope you join me. :)

    Hannah - YAAAAAAAAY HANNAH! We're going to have so much fun! :D

  16. Maybe I'll order again sometimes from iherb. But I think I'll wait until christmas time is over :)

    I think I will post my bucket list on my blog. But I'll do it in german if you don't mind... :)

  17. Of course I don't! I love that your blog is in German, it will make me keep up my reading skills! :) Please grab the button from the right sidebar - then more people can join us. Yay! :)

  18. I've been wanting to try kombucha too and I also want to get a glass straw. I will need to make that happen this month:)

  19. Definitely! I'm so excited for my straw - I bet it will be there when I get home next week. :)

  20. Peanut flour is my newest obsession, I'm sure you will love it! And I actually want to try kombucha too but I'm a little scared it'll be weird haha!

  21. Ashley - I think one of the things that I'm most looking forward to going home at the end of next week is PB flour. :P The other is probably my samples to review, the other other is my orders to eat up, the other other other is my glass straw, and the other other other other is better lighting = pretty photographs.

    Wow, 'you know you're a blogger when...' ;)

    Join me for NaNeFoMo and try Kombucha with me - it's more fun trying nasty (or not so!) stuff together!

  22. Ah what a great idea! There are so many things on that list you need to try ASAP, socca, veggie fries, chia seeds! I just may join you for this - although I think it would be a challenge to find a substantial amount of foodie items I haven't tried yet. For non-dairy yoghurts I highly recommend Provamel or Alpro (if you can find them). Both are pretty similar but Provamel is organic and probiotic which I love. The vanilla flavour is like crack.

  23. Thanks, Nada, I really hope you join me! That it'll be a challenge will make it all the awesome-r! :) Let me know if you do join me (the button is in the my sidebar) and I'll link to your bucket list post (or any NaNeFoMo posts) as well as check out your eats for the win. :) I've never heard of Provamel, but will look it up - it sounds good! Not that I think crack sounds know what I mean. :P

  24. Great idea,I'm definitely in! I just posted my list on my blog! :)

  25. Yay, you're the best Kat! I'm heading over to check it out ASAP! :)

  26. I love this! I've set up a rule that once a week I try something new and so that fits perfectly with NaNeFoMo! I'm in!

  27. Yay! Don't forget to grab the button for your sidebar and post your bucket list! I can't wait to see it! :)

  28. What a clever idea! I'm waaay late to this party, but maybe I can find a vegetable or two I haven't tried before when I go grocery shopping this week. :)

  29. All right, I'm in. I'll add the button thing soon and post up my list soon. For now all I can think of is:
    Almond butter (which I've been meaning to try for forever)
    non-dairy yogurt
    almond milk

  30. Beth - yay! Better late than never! ;)

    Aya - Awesome, I'm excited that you're joining and can't wait to see your list! :) Almond butter is soooooo good, especially on soft dark bread wtih jam...nomnomnom! And almond milk is yummier than soy milk (and way yummier than rice milk) in my opinion! Good luck! :)

  31. Melanie here! I enjoyed this piece, please email me--I have a question about your blog. MelanieLBowen[at]gmail[dot]com


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