Aug 8, 2011

Nutella vs. Dark Chocolate Dreams *Smackdown!*

So, okay, I admit - I'm not a big wrestling fan. Or sports in general, for that matter. I just can't sit there, watching a bunch of guys tackle/chase/whatever after each other, and have a good time. How is that supposed to be fun?

And so I don't know much about wrestling. But one thing, I do know: it's a one-on-one sport with lots of crazy showmanship and a loud-voiced presenter booming 'GET READY FOR THE SMACKDOWN!' over over-loud speakers.

Now, because I (a) need some goofiness to unwind with after all that presentation-preparing/report-editing, and (b) am getting way excited for my European fall, I'm going to host my own Western Europe vs. USA smackdown!

Or, okay - Nutella vs. the US equivalent, but still. Same thing, really.

And now you're asking 'What could possibly even compete against Nutella?' Blasphemy!

That's what I thought...until I saw this:

Peanut Butter & Co Dark Chocolate Dreams. It begs for a comparison, no?

Especially as its *GLUTEN-FREE AND VEGAN*, so an option for all kinds of people who never got the chance to have Nutella (I know, life's not fair).

So here goes:

Appearance -

They're both nice and dark and chocolaty.

Nutella is a super-smooth dark brown that glistens in a very 'eat me!' kind of way - no wonder that the jar's so close to done :P :

Dark Chocolate Dreams is darker, promising even more chocolate decadence. Rather the smooth, melty look of Nutella, Dark Chocolate Dreams looks a bit grainy - but more like a *real* dark chocolate bar, melted down (have you ever made dark chocolate bark? Doesn't this remind you of that?):

Nutella 0.5 Dark Chocolate Dreams 0.5 - They're both stunning, you just have to see what it is that you're in the mood for. It's basically a milk/dark chocolate kind of situation.

Texture -

As shown above, Nutella has a very smooth, rich texture that sends your tastebuds into happiness mode.

Dark Chocolate Dreams has a creamy and rich texture *but* it also has some graininess - which I actually prefer, as it adds some really intriguing texture difference and I am *all* about different textures having a party in my mouth! :P I mean, check it out:

Dark Chocolate Dreams 1.5, Nutella 0.5

Taste -Nutella is creamy and chocolatey, a childhood fave that sticks with you through the years. A light taste of hazelnut blooms against creamy milk chocolate for a praline-like yumminess.

But Dark Chocolate Dreams? Salty peanuts set in a creamy, dark chocolate that's so rich you want to swoon - the saltiness plays perfectly off of the sweetness and the nuttiness of the peanuts is more pronounced than the mellow hazelnut of Nutella, but doesn't even come *close* to stealing the show from the creamy dark chocolate. Imagine a dark chocolate Reese's peanut butter cup - now replace the chocolate with a high quality dark chocolate (think RitterSport or maybe Milka Zartbitter) and make it even yummier. Ooh, I swooned. And, um, I might have paused the smackdown for a moment to do this:

1) Spoon into mouth.

2) Swoon.

3) Remember that I'm a Harvard pre-medical student and supposed to be civilized.

4) Return to smackdown.

Dark Chocolate Dreams 2.5, Nutella 0.5

Cravability - Who am I kidding? They're both crave-able. How is this even a category?

Nutella 1, Dark Chocolate Dreams 3

Nutrition -

I hate to do this to you, Nutella, 'cause we've been friends for a long time and will remain friends for many years to come. And, if you're what's going to tempt someone to eat breakfast (the most important meal of the day!) I'd call that healthy. But I think we all know who's going to win this one, just based off of the vibe the 'natural' on the Dark Chocolate Dreams wrapper gives us...

We'll break it down, so it's not as painful:

Ingredients - Dark Chocolate Dreams' first ingredients is good old peanuts. Nutella? Sugar. Ouch.

Sugars - Um, did you read the last one? Okay, you asked for it: Dark Chocolate Dreams has 7g, Nutella has 21 (that's *three* times as much sugar!)

Fats - Dark Chocolate Dreams has healthier fats, with ~81% of its fats as unsaturated (and remember that chocolate has saturated fat - but it's not all bad - so that's where the bulk of the ones that are saturated most likely come from) whereas Nutella only has ~68% of its fats as unsaturated.

Fiber - Dark Chocolate Dreams has 2g, Nutella only has 1g

Protein - Dark Chocolate Dreams has a filling, muscle-fueling 6g, Nutella only has 3g (what is it with this half trend? See fiber, above).

Vitamins & Minerals - Okay, guys, please tell me you don't count on Nutella as your source of vitamins and minerals. Because if you do, we need to talk. :P But they both have 4% of your daily RDI for Iron and Nutella actually beats Dark Chocolate Dreams (finally) with 4% RDI for Calcium while Dark Chocolate Dreams only has 2%. But really? You should have a glass of milk and some whole grains with either of these; don't count on your sweet spread to fill up your iron and calcium quotas! Now that's just silly. :P

So yeah, sorry Nutella. That was a little *embarrassing,* I know.

Dark Chocolate Dreams 4, Nutella 1

Overall - In conclusion, they're both tasty-treats that I will happily keep enjoying. But I think, now that I've discovered the *awesomeness* that is Peanut Butter & Co's Dark Chocolate Dreams, that will most likely be what I'll eat more often, when I'm stateside. And, if you're a dark chocolate person, Dark Chocolate Dreams is the *clear* winner (not that it isn't, anyway).

In Germany this fall, I'll probably still end up eating more Nutella, for convenience...although you can order Dark Chocolate dreams online here. So if you're outside of the USA, that doesn't have to stop you! :)

Also, I'll know I'll be picking up a jar of this for my chocoholic Mom ASAP. And my Reesesaholic cousin, too... Because you *know* I'm not planning on sharing my jar! :P

And now, the winner gets - to be eaten by me? Um, bad prize. I like it, though!

Check it out! Yummmm.....

Have you ever tried any Nutella-like products?

Are you a chocoholic?

Do you get into spectator sports? And, um, do you get why guys always try to make hugging each other a sport? Wrestling, football...I rest my case.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE PB&Co.'s dark chocolate dreams. When I first discovered it, I went through a jar a week all on my own. I am obsessed--I am infatuated with it's nutty texture and better nutrition. Big fan. I agree with your conclusion :-)

  2. I am OBSESSED with PB&Co's Dark Chocolate Dreams. I once ate a whole jar in one sitting (embarrassing) In fact I've placed a temporary ban on it because it's become too addictive.

  3. I am OBSESSED with Dark Chocolate Dreams. I've once ate a whole jar in one day (I know, its embarrassing) Its temporarily banned from my house because I'm so addicted to it.


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