Oct 29, 2011


Oh. Whoa.

With quark.

Frozen Chocolate Chip Lettuce Pie is such a keeper.

Will you marry me, Chocolate Chip Lettuce Pie?

Wait, I rescind the marriage offer.

Because then it would be weird if I ate you.

And probably unethical, too.

So delicious. Sweet, rich, decadent, and over-all divine. A treat for the living - because you must savor every moment, every bite, and every thought.

3 people I knew died yesterday. 2 were patients, one was in the family. Bad things happen in threes? But cancer is awful and he was suffering and 82. He was ready. So it's not really a bad thing - just a sad thing.

But life is for the living - so live! Enjoy the pie of life (especially when it's this deliciously amazing and, though the lettuce prevents the pie middle from solidifying when warm, it makes for a delightfully fudgy texture when frozen and/or lightly thawed at room temperature, depending on your preference).

My recipe makes 12 large slices of delightfully delicious pie with a light green flavor (think reminiscent of a green monster...but just a bit, like in green tea baked goods). Don't cut back on the oil or do a fat-free alternative, Don't reduce or omit the nuts, Don't use cheap chocolate, and Don't think '2 cups of honey is a lot - I'll cut back on the sugar or sub in stevia/splenda/chemicals.' It has beans, greens, and whole grains and the fat helps you absorb their nutrients. And the sugar won't kill you either (honey even has some healthful properties). There's a difference between healthy and orthorexic/anorexic.

Orthorexic/anorexic isn't living fully. And life is for the living. Live your life fully, without calorie counts, portion measurements, hunger, or unnecessary pain.

A Challenge for You: Tell someone whom you love that you love them. It can be your mom, your dad, your sister, your brother, your lover. But take the time to live and love.

Do you like one big slice of pie, or two small ones? I like one big one. :) See above.

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