Aug 12, 2011

Passport Drama and Some Tasty Eats

We got up bright and early (6:20am) and headed off to the German Embassy. After spending a little over two hours getting lost - we're pretty talented - we finally made it there. By that point, I was starving. We got a way-overpriced fruit cup from Starbucks ($3.70 for mushy blueberries and plasticky melon?!), as well as some peach Chobani:

It was early, please excuse the glare from my camera *blush.* I had that with more Uncle Sam's and a Chocolate Brownie Flavor & Fiber bar:

Again, they all seem to have the same texture - a little unusual, but definitely enjoyable. This one was very chocolatey and, though the texture was not brownie-like, it was definitely chocolatey. And filling!
Filling enough to fuel me through a *very disappointing* passport appointment, where it turned out that my parents hadn't gotten together all the documents needed so....after all passport. :( I'll just fly to Germany on my American one and try to figure it out there (*crosses fingers for no more problems*). Boo!

We eventually made it to the Doubletree Club, where my room wasn't quite ready for check in yet (I was way early - it was only 12pm). We decided to grab lunch at their Marketplace Cafe instead. My dad had a burger (he liked it) and I had a fresh side salad and a yummy tomato vegetable soup with pasta:

As you can see, I poured some soup on the salad. It was yummy! :)

I don't like it when soups are too bland, salty, mushy, or all-around not delicious. This one was good, though! But not cheap - together, our meal came to $18. Before dessert, which was yummy!

We had Snicker's ice cream bars - because aren't they just the best?

And then I had the best idea: stack a Brownie Bite from Erin Baker's on this! I am *quite* full now, but it was tasty - perfectamundo! Partnership between Snicker's and Erin Baker's, yes please? ;) Sadly no pic of that, but here's another of the ice cream:

Bug Erin Baker's on YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook and let's make it happen!

Haha, just kidding. Though their social media is worth checking out, because they have *deals* and you know I like a good deal. ;)

Anyway, I'm about to go rustle up some dinner (by which I mean, return to the Marketplace Cafe and buy some overpriced food). My dad just left, boo :( , but I'm really glad that he came up to see my presentation! Family means so much to me - they're really irreplaceable. And, even though every family has its squabbles, I'm lucky to have the one that I have. My mom and my dad were my first role models! And now my dad is off to go save the world, teaching high school science (I have a *lot* of respect for public high school teachers, though I'm way too impatient to ever teach myself).

Have you ever stayed in a hotel by yourself?

Do you prefer solo travel or travel in groups?

What's your favorite novelty ice cream bar?

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