Jul 14, 2011

PRODUCT REVIEW: Blue Bunny Chips Galore! Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich

I had another Kashi granola bar as a snack this morning (the one that I had promised to review), but couldn't bring myself to whip out my camera at work! Grr!

But I finally overcame my camera-shyness when lunchtime rolled around and I bought this for dessert:

YUM. Two thick chocolate chip cookies with a very generous vanilla ice cream layer, studded with mini chocolate chips, in between them. It was the perfect happy ending to  my lunch. :) Especially as it was unusually warm - 80s! - today. So here's a picture of the actual sandwich, as I know the wrapper looks great, but the ice cream is better:

I'm not going to give this a nut rating, as it's (a) a dessert, so with its whopping 47% daily saturated fat, 28g sugar, and several hundred empty calories, it's not going to be doing too well in the nutritional section and (b) I got it out of a vending machine, so DUH it's overpriced and (c) I just don't feel like the nut rating system would be fair for such a product.

So I'll just review it from an overall perspective: it tasted good. The cookies were chewy, had just the right amount of chocolate chips, and had that cloying sweetness that sometimes is just what you want to hit the spot. The chocolate chips pressed into the ice cream added a great kick of chocolaty-ness (word? probably not) but weren't frozen solid and tasteless, as some chocolate can get when cold. The ice cream was fairly creamy - not crazy creamy, but as good as you can hope for from a novelty ice cream product. The overall presentation was good and so was the experience.

My final verdict? I definitely enjoyed it, and I could see myself going in for another one at some point, but it's not amazing enough to tempt me to make it a daily thing (especially at $1.75 + $4.50 ATM fee, since my bank doesn't have an ATM on the island!).

I also think I'd try to keep it from showing up in my daily menu too often, price aside, as I wasn't too happy about the corn syrup and hydrogenated palm oil in it. Give me fat (and it did!) and give me sugar (and again, it did!) but give them to me in more-natural, less-bad-for-me forms. Like why not oil (or butter, if oil is a consistency issue) and sugar, instead of hydrogenated oils and corn syrup?

STILL: You only live life once and you have to enjoy things without obsessing over their health factor. Treats aren't going to kill you, and they're good for your sanity - eating pure, healthy stuff all of the time isn't good! Sure, those things taste good, too, but you need to be relaxed about what you eat. OBSESSION IS BAD! I see some food bloggers who are like 'I'll never eat HFCS or hydrogenated oils' and, sure, they aren't great for you. But it's just as bad for you to put all that effort into abstaining from them and to deny yourself simple little things that really? There's no need to feel that guilty about! Food guilt (and sanctimonity) is soooooo dumb. I hope you have a lovely day, and enjoy some ice cream or cookies - or better yet, both! :)

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