Sep 28, 2011

Product Review: Ulimana Mayan Truffles

I've heard about these super-decadent, surprisingly healthy truffles through other blogs, but never knew that they're made so close to home!

Yup, Ulimana Truffles are from Asheville, North Carolina - it's nice to see something tasty come from somewhere other than California, for once!

So I was obviously super-thrilled to get to try a couple:

I decided on ripping into the Mayan truffles first, as I wanted something intensely chocolaty and have been meaning to give spicy chocolate a go for a looooong time...

They sure aren't as fancy-looking as some truffles and they tout waaaay shorter ingredient lists (remember my promise yesterday?):

Despite (or because of?) this, they tasted WAAAAAY better than the truffles I had yesterday! Or, to be quite honest, any that I've ever had. I even prefer these to the Lindt bar that I had the other day...

The texture is just awesome - fudgy and very stick-to-your teeth chocolaty with an intense (but somehow not bitter?) chocolate flavor that I really haven't experienced anywhere else. Maybe its the fact that they're raw? Or that there's no refined sugar in them (I'm guessing that could be what improved the texture to awesomeness). And the spice kick of the cayenne pepper - wowza! LOVED IT!

Now I can be quite the chocolate fan and have been known to put a good amount of chocolate to rest, but I couldn't eat more than one of these little beauties (I had to share with my chocoholic mom, who LOVED them, too). The flavor is just so intense and so amazing that you just have enough after a little bit!

Which is a good thing, too, as they're pretty pricey - but it's okay, I guess, considering how tasty and healthy they are, plus the fact that you won't (can't) eat them in bulk. Seriously, these are a good once or twice per week treat, but I'm not enough of a chocoholic to have them daily.

Oh, and I bet they'd be good for people with issues with binge eating/portion control as you seriously *can't* eat a boatload of these (seriously - I bet you that you can't. This is the opposite of the Lay's potato chip challenge)!

They're RAW, VEGAN, and ORGANIC, guys!

Have you ever tried spicy chocolate?

Have you ever had raw chocolate?

Do you think luxury is worth it (ie: Ulimana truffles)?

I'm going to have to go with yes for the last one...what's the point of money, if not to improve quality of life?

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