Jul 29, 2011

The Salad (non)Monster

We’ve been woefully understocked in salad over at the house and me + no leafy greens = sad. So, when my mid-morning munchies arrived, I headed over to the lab cafĂ© for my *first ever* trip to their salad bar! It’s pretty small as salad bars go, but still stocked with plenty of good stuff: mixed greens, lettuce, artichoke, marinated tofu, chickpeas, cottage cheese, cukes, tomatoes, bean salad, various cheeses, peppers, and a couple of other things that I can’t quite remember.

My stomach was feeling a little funny (I’ve had a headache since yesterday and those often go to my stomach—though, knock on wood, the headache seems to have left now)  so I stuck to a fairly simple salad:

It only cost $1.07 but was a great, filling snack! Wowza! That so trumps the $3 or $4 I have to spend to be satiated by vending machines…

A bed of mixed greens with chickpeas, marinated tofu (marinated in who-knows-what, but it was tasty!), and olive oil and balsamic vinegar drizzled on top.

I go through my phases with tofu. Sometimes I love it…and sometimes not so much. I’m in a love-it phase right now. But greens? I always love leafy greens, and never like going more than a few days without any—at least in a sandwich, wrap, green monster, or something.

Are you a tofu fan?

What’s your favorite type of salad base?

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