Aug 12, 2011

Snacking 'Til Sleepytime

Yay! I just checked in to the Doubletree Club Boston Baside and the WiFi here is *amazing.* Way better than the Motel 6, so I'm a happy girl (not to mention, the ambience of the place is much nicer).

Anyway, last night we kind of snacked out way until bedtime, in place of one set dinner.

Yoplait yogurt (I poured Uncle Sam's in):

And a Fruit & Nut mini breakfast cookie from Erin Baker's - except I seem to eat them at any time, but breakfast:

It was tasty - my favorite of the breakfast cookies, in fact! I really liked the walnut & dried fruit combo. My dad had the double chocolate chunk and enjoyed it, too.

Then, a little while later, I had an apple (no photo) and a handful of trail mix (no photo). And then, after getting *lost, lost, lost* we got to the Motel 6. And it was night-night time! :P

In the next post: passport drama, peach chobani, a brownie breakfast bar, and the Doubletree Club Boston Bayside!

What's your traveling style? Favorite hotel/motel?

Do you have any travel disaster stories?

Is it just my family, or are road trips made for getting lost?

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