Jul 25, 2011

Snacks, Bananas, Harry Potter, and Sparkly Skirts

Do you ever have those hungry days? Today was one of them. Even though I packed my normal lunch and snack, I was still hungry! The vending machine sure made its money off of me:

I was busy at work, so I just kept the wrappers and took a picture later, at home. The Odwalla bar was tasty - but very sweet, which is unsurprising: the first ingredient (before even the grains!) is syrup. And the Nature Valley bar had corn syrup: boo! All in all, the almonds were the best - both in flavor and nutrition. But why do they add peanut oil? It seems unnecessary, considering that they're already almonds...Oh well, they still tasted fine!

When I got back from lab today, I had some very ripe bananas waiting for me:

The fruit flies were already all over them, but that's no reason to waste a perfectly good banana, right? Nomnomnom, I hope I didn't eat any fruit flies (gross).

Then I had my usual PB&Honey sandwich on bread butts (I seem to be the only one in the house that eats them) and my yogurt creation- but with extra knock-off cheerios under my granola this time!

What I don't understand is why we have knock-off Cheerios, but name-brand Chobani, Wheaties, Raisin Bran, Stonyfield yogurt, etc. Odd...

Oh, and sorry about the plastic plate/bowl/cutlery! It's absolutely horrid, but we were all out of clean dishes :( Yikes, my carbon footprint just grew :P

Anyway, while working on polishing off that carton of ice cream (holy guacamole, do I need to slow down with that ice cream! It's just sooo good), I did some reminiscing over old pics from my last trip to London (solo summer 2009). I stumbled upon a particular wizard:

He seemed different in real life, but I guess that's why they call it acting :P I can't remember his name, though, I always want to call him Draco Malfoy!

Also, I was there during the London Pride Festival and met a great assortment of colorful characters, in addition to seeing some interesting performers. Including these scantily dressed sisters (I think?):

I would have loved a tutu skirt like that when I was younger! Though I would have paired it with a top and probably would have like it a bit longer (so that I wouldn't have the underwear issues of the pink-skirted one). :P

Do you eat your food when it's a little overripe or otherwise past its prime?

Have you ever been to a *REAL* concert (I'm not counting the Pride Festival, as it was a festival with performers, not a stand-alone concert)?

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