Oct 4, 2011

Soygurt? Yosoy?

Whatever you want to call it, I've finally found a vegan substitution for yogurt!

Y'all know I'm a yogurt addict (sorry, my North Carolinian is showing :P ) and I've always said that yogurt and ice cream are the two biggest reasons that I could never be vegan. Well, and honey, but I've already found a sub for that. Plus there's nooch for cheesiness...

But after discovering delicious vegan ice cream, the only thing in the way was yogurt.

Until today...

There was a little bit of separation going on, which looked a little funky, but let's be honest - cow's milk yogurt does it too. And when it was all mixed up, it was lovely:

And voll lecker (totally delicious)! There's definitely a distinct soy-milk flavor, but it's so good. Who doesn't love soy milk? And it was creamy-licious as can be. The perfect base for a yummy yogurt-granola-pumpkin seed-flax seed-dried fruit bowl:

Since I'm trying to gain weight (and it just doesn't make sense to me to eliminate anything if you're trying to gain - now isn't the time to become vegetarian/vegan, unless you already are one) I'm NOT GOING TO BECOME VEGAN NOW. But maybe after I've gained all the weight I want to gain and maintained it for a few years.


Because (a) veganism is better for the environment, (b) I'm already a vegetarian and I don't like eggs, and (c) I like milk but it doesn't like me (I'm a bit lactose intolerant, so what I currently eat doesn't make me feel as good as I could).

But, again, I don't think everyone should be veg*n and I don't judge people for not being it. Veg*ns aren't better than anyone else - and not necessarily more environmentally friendly, either! I use boatloads of AC and love to travel (plus, I like fashion and am not a let's-all-wear-hemp-potato-sacks kind of girl) so being vegetarian is just how I try to even out my carbon footprint a bit, without compromising my desired lifestyle.

Because being eco-conscious SHOULDN'T be a burden. :)

Anyway...did you notice something new in the bowl?

I bought my first whole pomegranate! See my exotic fruit kick? I threw 1/4 of one into the bowl and ate the other 1/4 straight-up.

I've eaten pomegranate before, but only from the packets of pomegranate seeds/innards, never straight from the fruit.

I'd definitely say they're tastier and juicier straight from the source, but it's such a pain to get them out...I'll probably stick to the pre-seeded ones for the most part.

Unless...do you have any tricks to make eating pomegranates easier?

What's your favorite exotic fruit?

I'm curious about star fruit...have you tried it?


  1. Have you tried the Alpro Soya desserts? They're long life. They come in vanilla, dark choc and milk chocolate. They are AMAZING!! I'm not even vegan and I prefer the vanilla one to custard already and the dark chocolate one is just pure heaven in a pot! Low fat, sugar and high in protein makes them even nicer :) Just a suggestion I think you'd like :D


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