Jul 24, 2011

A Sugar Rush, Some Almond Butter, and 2 Product Reviews (!)

That title just gave me  a serious case of nostalgia and I had to pull up my I-Tunes library before I could start writing. When I was younger (as if I don't any more? Who am I kidding?) I was a huge A-Teens fan. And, if you haven't heard Sugar Rush by the A-Teens, I suggest you YouTube it (yes, that's a verb) now. It's one of those syrup-y sweet group songs that just scream 90s/early 20s (??). Love it <3

And it's very appropriate considering the team of this post. Sweet stuff!

It started with my mid-morning snack, following a little online shopping for the Victoria's Secret Angel Wish perfume (Victoria's Secret hasn't made it to Germany yet, so my cousin wants to me to bring her a bottle of the stuff - it's her favorite scent). It seems that they have discontinued it? GAH! Anyway, mid-morning snack followed:

The only kind of cakes that I like are the really decadent, rich ones.

This muffin? Was rich chocolatey perfection, all the way :) The chocolate chips were melty and the cake was moist and sweet.

I read a bit (Happiness Key by Emilie Richards - not usually my kind of book, but it's sucking me in) and stared at a blank Microsoft Word document for a bit more. I'm trying to get started on a new project, but I just can't seem to think of anything that really gets me excited enough to commit to 2 months and ~60,000 words :/

So, rather than starting yet another two chapter thing to toss out (I have 23 story beginnings going, most/all of which will never be continued), I headed back down to the kitchen to prepare some lunch. I had some carrots and dip, a thick peanut butter and honey sandwich made with both butts of a loaf of bread (I'm a butt kind of a girl, haha), and a bowl of this:

Before you ask, this is not the same bowl I posted last time or the time before. See this?


I bought it (six bucks) at Hannaford's yesterday, when I bought my ice cream :) I've had the Blue Diamond 'Easy to Mix' one before, but I wanted to try the homestyle. The difference is that this one is just almonds and salt, no palm oil. So when you first get it, the oil separates. A bit inconvenient to mix (take my advice - don't wear a white shirt while doing it. In fact, if you'r a klutz like me, wear an apron. I hope almond butter comes out of white tanks...) but afterwards it looks like this:

And I'm not sure if this is just my head, but I think it actually tastes almond-ier. I love it and I'm probably not going back to easy-to-spread!

You might have noticed that it's smooth, not chunky. WHAT? I know, I know, I'm normally a 100% chunky fan, but I actually like almond butter just as much smooth. It has a bit of a grainer texture than peanut butter anyway, so the smooth isn't too smooth. One thing? I'd refrigerate it - it definitely tastes better chilled :)

I'm an almond butter fan, but I'll still eat my daily (tons of) peanut butter. Almond butter has a really strong flavor and is good at times, but not something you'd want spread thick on a sandwich more than once a day. It's better in smaller amounts.

Anyway, after that I went into town to do comparative pre-gift shopping. Am I the only one that does that? You know, walks around with a notebook and a pen, jotting down products from different shops and their prices, so that I'm sure I'm getting the best deal when I buy? I have a ton of people to get gifts for, though, and all that maple syrup and wild blueberry pancake mix can add up!

After all that shopping, this was waiting for me:

I opened it yesterday:

So there was already a generous portion missing :P Anyway, I scooped out a bowlful:

And proceeded to devour it. For research's sake, of course. Doesn't that look like research to you?

It's certainly a lot prettier than the tumors I work with in my real research!

And, though I've never actually tried eating the tumors in my research, I'm sure it was much tastier :P

The ice cream was perfectly creamy and rich, with a smooth vanilla taste and none of that icky ice-crystallizing business. I hate when ice cream does that! Or when it tastes 'light'? Ick, not worth it. Then again, I also am not that big a fan of the super-heavy Ben & Jerry's stuff on a really hot day (that's better for winter, late fall, or early spring), and this was just the right intermediate.

The caramel swirls and praline crunchies were also very present - good for me, as I'm a big fan of mix-ins! All in all, this is definitely one of my top five packaged ice creams :) At home, Edy's costs $6.50 per tub. Here it only costs $3.50!! WTF? All other groceries are so much more expensive up here (it's a tourist trap, so that's to be expected). What gives?

Maybe it's because every other business up here is an ice cream shop and otherwise they'd never sell any packaged ice cream?
But seriously, that's less for the whole carton than a single scoop at CJ' Big Dipper, Ben & Bill's Chocolate Emporium, or Mount Desert Ice Cream! I'm definitely sticking mainly to this, as that means more spending money for Europe :)

And you know I can't resist TopShop. Who can?

What do you think of the more casual product review style above?
I prefer this type of review, do you mind it?

What's your favorite  type of packaged ice cream?

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