Nov 23, 2011

Thankful Thanksgiving Giveaway!


Hi guys!

Though I'm not in the States this Thanksgiving, and won't have any of the bruhaha around the holiday, I'd still like to celebrate it in my own way. Though Christmas is, by far, my favorite holiday, I do really like one thing about Thanksgiving - the way that it gets us to think of what we're thankful for!

So here's my Thankful Thanksgiving Giveaway!

I got the chance to try chocolate Greens 8000 the other day...

...which was pretty exciting, since I've never tried a powdered green drink before, but do really enjoy the protein shake taste. I know, I'm weird... :P

According to instructions, you're supposed to take it on an empty stomach at least 20 minutes before a meal (so first thing in the AM is a good idea). Mix it with juice, water, or into a smoothie...

...I stuck with water, since I wanted to just see what it tasted like itself. Then you stick it in this complicated-looking shaker cup...

....and shake, shake, shake it up! I might have had too much fun with this step. *Insert head-banging and jumping around to loud music here*.

WOW - it was delicious. I was expecting it to taste like chocolate grass (um, yeah...that's why I'd been putting off trying it) but it tasted like a deliciously sweet chocolate shake! Super craveable!

Does this sound like a great travel snack to anyone else? Whenever I'm actively traveling (ie: on planes or running around London), I seem to have unusual trouble getting my veggies in. These will definitely be a staple!

Especially since, though I just ate it with an apple and planned on having breakfast in 20 minutes, it kept me full for a whole hour - hard to do when my early morning breakfast-craving monster is bouncing around in my stomach! I also had waaaay more energy all day...weird. But awesome!

You can learn more about Greens 8000 here (there are several different flavors!), but it's pretty much dried down veggies in concentrated form, with ridiculous amounts of antioxidants and such benefits as improved hair/nail growth, raised energy levels, and general health improvements. Since it's sweetened exclusively with Stevia, it's safe for diabetics too (and super-sweet and yummy!).

If you froze it into a popsicle, it would make one healthy, tasty dessert...hmmmm.

ANYWAY, do you want to win some Greens 8000 (and a snazzy shaker cup) of your own? Then enter my Thankful Thanksgiving Giveaway! Open only to US-based readers.

Since I loved it so much, the first thing I thought was that you guys had to get the chance to try it, too. The guys girls over at Greens 8000 agreed, so one lucky reader gets their own set of Chocolate Greens 8000 and a snazzy shaker cup!

Here's how to enter (you get a separate entry for each one, so post a separate comment for each):

* Subscribe to Living, Learning, Eating (it's called 'joining' on blogger and it's on the right side of the page, right above blog archives and searching the blog).
* Follow @LiveLearnEat on Twitter
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* Link back to the giveaway in a blogpost (you can do this once per day, too!)

And, with whichever one you do, I'd love to hear what you're thankful for this Thankful Thanksgiving! :)

*The giveaway is now closed.*


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I didn't count my responses to comments, so that's why it's out of 30 and not 38. The twenty-second comment of yours was:

Susan M. Heim said...
I Subscribe to Living, Learning, Eating as "ParentingAuthor"!
Congrats, Susan! Please email your shipping address and a phone number to , so we can get your Chocolate Greens8000 and Shaker Cup to you ASAP! :)

If you didn't win this time, you can head over here for a free sample of Greens8000. Have a happy Thanksgiving, and don't forget to check back this Saturday for my next giveaway (with FOUR winners this time!).

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  1. mmm that looks/sounds so good! haha do they sell that in stores or just online?
    oh, im thankful for chocolate for sure, and veggies of course ;P

  2. In stores, too :) Here's the store locator

  3. I tweeted about your giveaway! :)

    What I'm thankful for: Friends, Family, having enough food, health.. :)

  4. Shannon - Awesome! And that's a good list of things to be thankful for :)

  5. This sounds amazing! Superfood mixes usually have such a horrible taste that I tend to avoid them- but I would love to give this one a try!

    I'm already subscribed to you. :)

  6. Thanks, Emily, and good luck! It's so tasty I can't believe it has *any* kind of vegetable in it, much less a whole bunch (and wheat grass, too??)

  7. de-lurking to enter, haha! i joined your blog, it's so cute :)

  8. also following you on twitter with @rayceratops :D

  9. oh crap i forgot to mention what i'm thankful for duhh, i'm thankful for my parents who put up with me even when i'm a cranky brat overloaded with art projects haha!

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  12. Subscribed to Living, Learning, Eating!

  13. Following you on Twitter!

  14. Tweeted about it!!/JurgensMichelle/status/136825342580105216

    I'm so thankful for giveaways as I love goodies to keep and to share!

  15. Great, good luck! That's why I love them, too, Michelle! Doing Giveaways is always such fun because it feels so awesome to win something - whatever it is! :P
    I also like reviewing products for a similar reason (because that way other people don't have to waste their money on icky stuff). I have a bunch of stuff to review when I get home and at least two more (exciting) giveaways in December! :)

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  19. I Subscribe to Living, Learning, Eating as "ParentingAuthor"!

  20. I Follow @LiveLearnEat on Twitter. @ParentingAuthor

  21. I'm thankful for my children.
    And I tweeted this giveaway today!!/ParentingAuthor/status/138327011872604160

  22. Aw, that's so sweet! I bet your children are thankful for you, too. :) Moms are the best!

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  26. already subscribe.

    wow i would love to try that stuff. i am seriously so intrigued!!


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