Aug 17, 2011

The Travels Begin (really)

So my travels technically began on Thursday, when I drove to Boston - but somehow they really begin today, when I fly to London, United Kingdom. Whoppee!

And spending the night at the Embassy Suites Boston Logan was a great way to start things off on the right foot.

Here's why:
1) I love how close it is to the airport - convenience, when it comes to transatlantic travels, is key.

2) It's a really pretty hotel and the suites are nice and spacious - we all felt really comfortable. Especially with the warm welcome of the manager's reception last night (5pm to 7pm):

I started with a plate of chips and veggies with dip, but they also had nice cheeses, crackers, grapes, egg rolls, pot stickers, goat cheese tartlets (my mom loved those), and all manner of non-alcoholic beverages. Yay! I went back for an apple, some more veggies and dip, some crackers, and a butterscotch chip cookies (soft in the middle, crunchy on the outside - excellent). If you tried, you could probably make a dinner out of the stuff!

3) It's surprisingly quiet - especially considering that it's right next to Boston Logan Airport?!

4) Everyone here has been beyond nice and helpful - from early check in to opening my soup cans!

5) Two thumbs up for a big, tasty breakfast:

See the two apples? Airport snacks - these looked so tasty that I knew the $2 waxy ones from Starbucks in my terminal could definitely not beat them.

I was disappointed that the only yogurt option was Light & Fit, as I try to avoid artificial sweeteners and stick to real sugar, honey, etc. for the most part, but they really can't cater to everyone and they do such a good job that I'm not grouchy (plus, a little weird chemical stuff now and then certainly won't kill me).

They had fruit, yogurt, oatmeal, cereals, pastries, bread and english muffins, scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, bacon, sausage, waffles, pancakes, juices, teas, coffee, etc.! Quite impressive, *two thumbs up.*

Ooh, and spotted this funny family speed-walking (hips thrusting, arms swinging, the whole shenanigan):

So, that's all for now - sorry it took so long to get it posted. Blame the slow internet!

What's the weirdest thing you do with your family?

What's your favorite thing about staying in hotels?

What's your favorite US city?

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