Aug 22, 2011

We Bring the Fire: PB&Co The Heat Is On Product Review

Or rather, this brought the fire!

I swear, I thought my mouth would burst into flames! Like with their Dark Chocolate Dreams, when the folks at Peanut Butter & Co take on a flavor, they *really* take it on!

Does that look reddish to you? Yeah? That's because it is:

And if you look at the ingredients, it's no surprise!

Somehow, though, I didn't really take it seriously, so I licked some off of my spoon. BIG mistake. I *ran* to the fridge for that soymilk!

And still, I didn't learn my lesson. I spread it on my bread almost as thick as I do all other peanut butters:

Thinking the swirl of honey would take the bite off. But of course it didn't - because this is *real* spice and not some synthetic, here-now-gone-later stuff. Nope, not at all.

I ended up scraping most off the PB off. But it was delicious! It's just like really expensive cheese, though - you only need a *little* bit for a *lot* of really awesome, satisfying flavor.

Still, even in small doses, this isn't the peanut butter for me. I am such a wimp when it comes to spicy and I just can't handle this stuff. But my dad, who's a big spicy-stuff fan, *loved* it.

He tried a bite, and then it was all that he'd eat until the jar was all empty!

Verdict: Peanut Butter & Co's 'The Heat is On' really brings the heat! If you like hot foods, you should definitely check this out!

PS: Do the settings look familiar? Like a flashback to my old days in Maine? That's because they are! I wrote this post in my last few days, but I decided to save it for later, because scheduling stuff seems like such fun - it's like hiding $10 for you to find later!

Can you handle spicy foods?

What's the most unique kind of peanut butter that you've ever had?

Do you like scheduling posts/planting time capsules/hiding money and pictures?


  1. I love this peanut butter. I've put it on everything from pretzels to chicken sandwiches and even on home-made tacos. That rich, creamy, flavorful component takes the food to another level and of course you can't forget that spicy kick!


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