Aug 11, 2011

When Five Become Ten

...that's when you know that either (a) math's not working out, (b) MapQuest needs to get its act together, or (c) your dad needs to learn how to drive *at* or even above (!) the speed limit.

Yup, we left Bar Harbor at 11am today and got to Boston right now - 9pm. I am not a happy camper.

On the upside, I *do* like road tripping to an extent, and the opportunity to catch up with my dad was nice. And my symposium presentation went off without a hitch.

My travels have begun, yippee!

Lunch on the road was this:
Somehow, Subway just seems like such a road-trippy food to me. Plus, I haven't had it in ages: yum.

I had a toasted veggie delite with pepperjack cheese, mustard, *no* olives or peppers of any kind (ick) - yummaroo!

Then, for dessert, I had this tastiness:

A brownie bite from Erin Baker's Wholesome Baked Goods!

Ignore that it looks like a cookie - it does *not* taste like one. It's chocolatey as can be, with lovely chocolate chips and a rich decadent flavor - with an almost fudgy texture! And they're healthy?! Organic ingredients, 7% of my fiber RDI, what?

Good stuff.

We drove a bit more, listened to Elton John on the radio (I'm obsessed with Crocodile Rock!), and eventually it was snack time So I whipped this out - an Orange-Cranberry Flavor & Fiber bar!

The texture of all of these bars seems to be the same - very chewy with some interesting surprise factor from the fruits, flax, and millet. Another thing they have in common? Intense flavors! Whatever flavor the bar promises, it *delivers.* This was very tangy-orangey and scrumptious.

My dad had the lemon ginger bar that I tried the other day and he really enjoyed it too.

And then we got lost for the first time...

UGH! This wifi is *so* slow. We're in a Motel 6 for the night, because my dad is infamously great (not) at making hotel reservations. Just this one night, though, because I booked my own hotel for Friday and Saturday night (a different one each night - though both by Hilton - I'm a regular hotel-hopper)!

I'll post dinner pics tomorrow, when I have a better connection.

Do you like road trips?
Are you a citrus person?
Who's your favorite old-time singer?

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