Nov 8, 2011

WIAW #11

I've been so busy with work in the hospital that I haven't had the chance to photograph a full day's eats! Since I've been main relying on one snack as my snack to fuel me through the craziness, I'd figured I'd post about that, instead.

I'm loving 9bars. The flax one is still my favorite, but I've been the enjoying flavors, as well.

It has a great mix of seeds that are really well complemented by the carob topping. The sunflower seed flavor is strongest in this, followed by pumpkin seed. I missed the flax flavor, though...


Maybe I'm being dumb, but I didn't really see the difference between this and organic. They tasted the exact same to me - so why not go organic?


Yeah, yeah, short ingredients list. But at the cost of the awesome chocolaty goodness! It was still tasty, but more like a traditional energy bar (less like a candy bar). If you're either (a) not in a candy bar mood, (b) not a chocolate fan, or (c) deathly allergic to carob, then this would be your top pick. But that's probably only going to happen in case (c), since I can't really imagine cases (a) and (b) happening in real life...


After flax, this one was my favorite. The nuts are substantial and the mild cashew flavor would land well with any cashew fan. I'm thinking some whole almonds would have made it even better...

Anyway, I only have pics of the nutty 9bar today (you can check out my earlier review for picks of the flax bar) since I mainly consumed these as work snacks and didn't feel like whipping out my camera at work. I draw the boundary of weirdness somewhere, you know. :P

All the bars have some similar qualities - they're all big, filling, salty & sweet, very seedy, based on sunflower seeds, and candy bar-esque. And they all kind of look alike, too! They're still somewhat different though and, since they're so tasty, I didn't get bored.

I did get thirsty, though. Yum, guys, but there is some salt in those bars! Or is it all the fiber? Hmmmm....

And, so you don't think I'm about to turn into a 9bar, I'll share another snack that I've been reaching for right after work, since I have dinner a few hours later:

I like carby, sweet meals, so I usually get my savory/veggie fill in during snack time. What about you?

Do you have a VitaMix? Do you think it's worth it?

I'm collecting ideas for what I should make up recipes for come December, when I'll be back home for a few weeks...any suggestions? I love a challenge, so don't be afraid to make it hard!


  1. Those bars sound amazinnggggg!!! Yum :)
    And I wish I had a Vitamix so bad, those things are incredible. You know what's on the top of my Christmas list heehee ;)

  2. that chickpea dish looks delicious! is it mixed with spinach?

  3. I like eating health bars
    but I am concerned with substances like.. sugar,salt
    and the amount of oil in them.
    This is why I'm going to have a try at making my own.
    Sugar and salt are just not healthy to me.

    Which brings me onto the challenge :)
    I would like you to produce a good recipe for a good,
    healthy “health bar”.
    Do we have a deal?
    I hope so..
    I think it would be fun !

    I hope you're not working too hard
    and enjoying some time for you x

  4. Alexandra - they were really good! And oh my gosh YES. But it's so expensive, I know I won't get it for Christmas. So I'm seriously debating whether to save up (I'm working at a froyo shop over Christmas break) and give it to myself - it'll probably blow my whole winter break earnings though...:P

    caloricandcrazy - Yup, I love sauteed spinach! It's one of the few dishes where I'm like 'yes, please!" to garlic and onions!

    Gary - I think everything is healthy in amounts, but do agree that sugar and salt *can* get excessive, especially in packaged goods. Haha, we have a deal! I'll put healthy health bars at the top of my baking list for break. :) And thanks, I'm trying (but working overtime is so tempting, when you see how busy everyone is!)

  5. I want a vitamix soooo bad! A blender just won't cut it for me haha..but they're sooo expensive!! I've also heard good things about the blendtec, but they're even MORE expensive! I wouldn't be able to eat for months if I bought one with my own money haha

  6. I know, whyyyyy oh why do they cost so much???


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