Dec 29, 2011

Amande - A non-soy alternative to Vegan Yogurt

Have you ever heard of Amande?

It's a vegan, non-dairy, GMO- and soy-free alternative to yogurt that's based on cultured almond milk. Interesting...

There are some pretty mixed reviews out there, so when I got the opportunity to sample it, I decided that I may as well throw in my two cents. The more the merrier, right? :P

I like plain yogurt the best, but there is only one store in my town that carries Amande and they didn't have the plain flavor. Boo, Earth Fare, boo! :(

Even though the sugar content is as high as that in other yogurt (15g in my cup of raspberry yogurt), there's no refined sugar in it - those sugars come from the fruit and the fruit juice concentrate used to sweeten it. That's way better than Yoplait yogurt with high fructose corn syrup.

Liquid separates to the top (like with regular yogurt), but what's underneath looks semi-jello-ish (unlike regular yogurt). When you mix it up, it looks pretty lumpy:

But I'd rather have this than have them add something strange to make it look smoother. Especially since, even though it looks lumpy and odd, it tastes smooth and sweet and delicious.

The raspberry flavor here was intense and delightful and I really couldn't taste that much of a difference between this and regular yogurt. It made a fabulous base for granola and walnuts, a la my lovely yogurt messes! :) To tell the truth, I much preferred the taste and texture of Amande cultured almond milk to soygurt.

So how is it nutritionally?

The raspberry flavor had:
150 calories
15g sugar
2g fiber
3g protein
30% calcium

Okay, so the protein is a little wimpier than other yogurts and the sugar is a bit higher than plain yogurt (comparable, or even a bit lower, than other flavored yogurts). But I'd read somewhere that they don't have any calcium - not true! Maybe it's changed? Either way, I'm happy to report that they do! And as far as the sugar goes, it's fruit sugar so...fine, whatever.

And as for the protein, you can just whip up a protein-packed purple creamy dreamy shake, eat some beany chocolate chip cookie pie, or throw in some protein cereal and you'll have your bases covered. ;) People do tend to think they require more protein than they really do (I'm not talking to you with this if you're an athlete, in recovery, etc.).

Have you ever tried Amande?

Do you have lactose


  1. Amande sounds really interesting! The closest thing to a non-dairy yogurt I've seen 'round here is organic soy yogurt, but since there's already coconut milk yogurt, I don't see why almond milk can't be yogurt-ified too.

  2. That's what I thought, too! Though I don't think I've ever tried coconut milk yogurt...

  3. I have never tried Amande or even heard of it. Interesting that it isn't sweetened with refined sugars but natural. It sounds good though. I think I would add some protein powder personally to it ahaha because I'm a weirdo I guess.

  4. Almond or Coconut yogurt are definitely that kind of things you can only get in the US,which is pretty sad actually as they sound very interesting to me and I'd love to give them a try!
    I am just like you,by the way,when it comes to flavored yogurt - I prefer plain yogurt because it's much more versatile and I like the tangy taste a lot! ;)
    P.S. I updated my NaNeFoMo list and everything! Thought that could be interesting for you to know :P

    1. you can get them in canada too! :)

  5. I've never tried Amande but would like too. Ahh, I'm missing out on so many great things over here in Germany! :(

  6. I haven't even seen this yogurt, but it looks great!

  7. I'm semi-lactose. I can't handle straight cows milk or chocolate but cheese and yogurt I'm fine with. Thank god because I couldn't live without my cheese or yogurt. It's been really really hard giving up cows milk and chocolate but thankfully there's soy milk and diary free chocolates! :)

  8. Kat - I've never tried coconut milk yogurt...I just put a dollop of plain yogurt on top of the Coldstone Creamery Creation I brought home: SO GOOD. And thanks, I checked it out - good job!

    Shannon - True. But then again, Germany has the best bread/dairy/chocolate! :P

    Kristabel - I think of it as airport yogurt, since the first time I saw it was at Reagan! Reagan US Airways Terminal = best airport food *ever.*

    Chloe - That sounds like me (except I can handle chocolate: thank God!).

  9. in the summer i was OBSESSED with amande :)
    their peach flavor is great :)
    now im loving coconut milk yog!

  10. I've always stuck with So Delicious Coconut Milk yogurts because I know that I love them, but I've contemplated buying Amande soo many times.
    Now that I've read your review, I'll have to try it! I love that there are no refined sugars at all. Mmm...


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