Dec 27, 2011

Awesome Foods Product Review

Following with the whole raw food theme, I got some samples to review from Awesome Foods, a raw food company based in suburban Pennsylvania.

Bruce and Marsha Weinstein started Awesome Foods in 2005, when they realized that many raw foods are made with dates, honey, and other very sweet foods. Both have hypoglycemia, so they wanted to be careful about foods that cause strong insulin reactions - and so Awesome Foods was born!

I'm a big fan of "underdog" type food companies. Somehow, a parfait from a local cafe tastes better than a Starbuck's one. :P

Anyway, sweets-lover that I am, the first things that I had to try were sweet!

So basically its an almond and apricot based Larabar-type thing without dates? I'm not a huge fan of dates, so I was pretty excited!

Don't get me wrong - I like Larabars. But they can be a bit cloyingly sweet (I find that I always have to eat them with a slice of bread, or it's just too much).

First of all, pretty bar! You can see everything in it and I love that.

And flavor? YUM! The flavors of the dried fruits mesh nicely with the almonds and you can *actually* taste the apricot. Is it just me, or does apricot flavor usually get lost in multi-fruit bars?

The almond fig bar was just as good, but less sticky - which is cleaner for eating on the go, but also messier since it crumbled a bit!

It was deliciously sweet (amazing crumbled on greek yogurt with raw oats, in place of the usual granola topping), however, so it was worth it. :)

Next up were the Sweet Potato Delights with Cashew Nut Butter:

Ingredients: Jewel Yams*, Soaked Almonds*, Red Peppers, Carrots*, Soaked Sunflower Seeds*, Cashew Nut Butter*, Agave Nectar*, Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil*, Vanilla Extract*, Cinnamon*, Ginger*, Himalayan Crystal Salt. *Organic

The ingredients look great to me! And these are rich little bites - one is quite enough for a dessert. The cashew butter filling is delightfully creamy and the "cookies" are dense and sweet and full of sweet yam flavor. Think sweet potato or pumpkin pie and then healthify it.

I enjoyed them a lot, but my parents were *crazy* about them. I guess they're for a more sophisticated, adult palate?

They're like healthified whoopie pies. Score.

Oh, and neither of these resulted in a sugar high/crash, so that's always a plus. ;)

Awesome Foods also makes savory stuff, like these Vegetable Tempuraw Chips:

All vegan ingredients (and gluten-free), these are a pretty healthy snack!

Since they're dehydrated, not fried/baked like potato chips, they're not crispy - more like hard with a little bit of a chew.

But the cashew paste and seasoning paired with the dehydrated raw vegetables is quite tasty. I liked them and my dad loved them. He's a fan of garlic. :P

The Kale Chips were really good, but half the bag crumbled.

It's okay. I ate it with a spoon. :P My mom kept asking if there was parmesan in it. 'No, but there is parmesan in this.' No, mom. It's vegan.

Do you like whoopie pies?

What's your favorite underdog food company?

Do you like dates?


  1. I dont think I've ever had a whoopie pie but they look great! :D

  2. I've never had a whoopie pie before - they look like cousins of macaroons! And all that food form Awesome Foods looks really good... the Larabar-esque bars especially.

  3. Thanks, guys! The Kale chips *were* really good, too, though. I'm always such a fail at making them myself! :P

  4. Wow those look great. Sophisticated adult adult palate. HA. I like super sweet things so I'm guessing I'd really enjoy those. Although larbars aren't quite my favorite.

  5. Great review, I'm liking the looks of the whoopie pies! I've never had one before, but it sounds tasty :)

  6. Those sweet potato delights look soo good! I agree with you on the lara bars being too sweet. I usually have to snack on some plain almonds in between each bite. My favorite underdog company is Earnest Eats. They are amazing!

  7. I've never heard of Earnest Eats, I think, but I'll have to look them up! And I do the plain walnuts in between bites thing, or wrap the Lara bar in a slice of bread. :P

  8. Yum! I'm loving this review.
    I've never heard of this company but everything looks delicious. I'll have to track them down. I LOVE kale chips. You should try making your own! They're super easy. :)

  9. Boo,where's my comment? :(
    I'd love to try kale chips somewhen,they sound so interesting to me! I wish they'd sell them in germany!

  10. Emily - I always burn them! But I should try again. :P

    Kat - ??? Odd. I know - I don't get why Germany doesn't have kale chips or (good) peanut butter!

  11. Thanks, Kat, I'm heading over to check it out right now! I haven't done much blog reading at all lately... too much holiday fun stuff going on! :P


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