Dec 5, 2011

Chocolate Mousse

This chocolate mousse is so delicious.

Especially topped with frozen raspberries and some not-very-sweet cereal (or crumbled Knaecke) to cut the sweetness.

It really seems impossible that it could possibly be as healthy (and easy to make) as it is. And yet...

Chocolate Mousse

* 1 packet of chocolate Greens 8000 (I suppose you could use any chocolate-flavored green drink mix, or protein powder, but why mess with something that's so good and so healthy?)
* 1 container of plain yogurt (or greek yogurt, then skip step one)
* Toppings of choice (frozen berries, nuts/seeds, nut butters, and simple cereals are good starting points, but you can have as much fun with it as you want!)

1) Strain the yogurt - line a sieve with a cheesecloth, then pour the yogurt in and let it sit for 15 to 30 minutes, depending on desired thickness of the mousse.

2) Mix in the packet of chocolate greens 8000.

3) Top with desired toppings (or eat it plain - it's tasty enough). Enjoy. :)

Do you want to try this for NaNeFoMo?


  1. That looks quite good. There is nothing like the raspberry-chocolate combo, is there?
    I bet it has lots of protein as well?

  2. So good! I used to hate fruit & chocolate combos (as in they literally made me gag) but I find that I'm really starting to like it! Maturing tastes? :P

    The chocolate greens 8000 actually only has 2 g of protein, but it's still a pretty good protein source, because of the yogurt. If you wanted a protein bomb, though, you might try swapping the greens 8000 for a chocolate protein powder - I don't know it it would taste as awesome, though!

  3. I have made my own mousse before too! It's so good! Your pictures are the bomb girl.

  4. Thanks, Hollie! I'm happy about these because the sun *finally* shined and I *finally* had okay-ish lighting. That's definitely something I'm looking forward to about being back home in NC - good lighting for photographs! :P

  5. Even if it doesnt taste good. It sure looks pretty! lol

  6. i do not want to try this for your project because i don't fancy chocolate, but i am working on my entry! it should come sometime this week(end)!! stay tuned, girlfriend! x

  7. Yummm, I love chocolate mousse! Looks so good. Hey I sent you an e-mail let me know if you get it :)

  8. Shannon - Yumyum, in my tum! I can't believe I'm not in Germany anymore...

    BlueEyedBarbie - It was even *yummier* than it looks. ;)

    Nicole - You don't like chocolate? Blasphemy! :P I'm traveling all this week, so I might not get around to checking it out - but if I haven't by Friday, please remind me. I really want to check it out and link to it so others can, too! :)

    Chloe - Thanks so much for the email! You're the best. :)

  9. Beautiful recipe, beautiful photos!

    It seems healthy and delicious. Yum. :-)

  10. Why, thank you, Professor Vegetable! It was. :) And can I just say that your 'name' cracks me up? Love it! :P


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