Dec 15, 2011

Crossing another one off of the NaNeFoMo Bucket List and Giving Some Away!

Guess what? This is a GIVEAWAY post!

So, for those of you who are following  (or better yet, participating in - it's not too late to join!) NaNeFoMo, you know that sprouted bread is #4 on my bucket list. And, helpful readers that you are, a lot of you suggested that I try Manna Organics.

Manna what? Isn't that something biblical?

Anyway, I headed over to Manna Organics' website and have to admit that the bread looked good. So good that I was absolutely *over the moon* thrilled when I came home to this:

YAY! :) Carrot raisin bread? Yes, please!

I got to tasting...nom nom nom.....

Like  many others have said, this is a sweet, dense loaf more than a bread - it's murfin-y and delicious! Like a healthy loaf of super-dense carrot cake. And all 100% whole grain and sprouted (yeast-free). Good stuff. ;)

 I so wish I had the recipe. Or rather the recipes, as there are several different varieties! :P

Anyway, I definitely encourage any of you who haven't tried sprouted bread before to go the Manna Organics route - I definitely don't regret it!

And, since (a) Manna Organics is so friendly, (b) y'all are so awesome, (c) I want ALL of you to join me for NaNeFoMo, (d) it's been too long since my last giveaway, and (e) it's Christmas time, we're going to giveaway four loaves of YOUR CHOICE of tasty Manna Organics sprouted bread to one lucky reader! Open to readers in the Continental US only!

Here's how you can enter to win (leave a separate comment for each, because you'll get an extra entry for each!):

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Winners will be chosen and announced on January 3. That way, there's still something nice after the holidays - and more presents! :)


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