Dec 24, 2011

Frosty the Snowman...!


I like Frosty the Snowman yummy frozen treat!

Have you ever heard of Arctic Zero? I hadn't - until I sampled their tasty frozen treats! Think protein shake in ice cream form: YUM. Especially for someone like me, who enjoys her daily ice cream. Rich premium ice creams are definitely part of a healthy diet ;) but probably as a more occasional treat - and, unless you're trying to gain weight, aren't necessarily meant to be enjoyed a pint at a time. Arctic Zero is!

A whole pint has 14g of whey protein, only 20g of sugar (that's including naturally occurring ones) and 150 calories - pretty much the nutritionals of one scoop of regular ice cream, except with a ton more high quality protein!

Arctic Zero has a ton of pint flavors and several bars, but my favorite pint flavor was:

I'm definitely a cookies and cream girl! I'm pretty sure that's always been my favorite ice cream flavor! :P Arctic Zero is less creamy than ordinary ice cream (it's fat free and cream = fat) but it's smooth, sweet, cool and definitely "hit the spot." Ice cream tooth? Satisfied.

My only 'meh' about this was that there weren't any cookie chunks - it was more cookies and cream flavoring throughout. Which I guess was necessary to keep the nutritional stats as they were...

Okay, my favorite bar flavor was:

That's the 85 calorie vanilla bar with chocolate coating! Yum. :) Here are the nutritionals:

The bar reminded me of the Breyers slow-churned bars - just with fewer ingredients, more protein, and all that jazz. :) Again, ice cream tooth? Satisfied.

But you know me - I like my ice cream, like my issues (haha, jk), complex:

Ice cream sundae time! That's cookies and cream Arctic Zero with a sprinkle of cinnamon, some peanut butter (some more joined the party mid-way through) and two of my beans 'n greens brownies. Healthy, delicious, and sooooo satisfying!

Now that I think about it, I could have just used their chocolate peanut butter flavor... :P

Or you could make a sundae out of a chocolaty, peanut buttery, melty Fudgy Peanut Butter Chip VitaTop and coffee ArcticZero (so good), toped with peanut flour sauce.

I think it's pretty good looking. And it tastes even better. ;)

You can check out Arctic Zero's website, add them on facebook, or follow them on twitter to find out about special offers, promotions, and new flavors!

What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Have you ever tried Arctic Zero? Favorite flavor?

Has it snowed yet, where you live? No snow here - I have to make my own shivers with ice cream. *Sigh.*


    I would LOVE to try that Arctic Zero Ice cream! I've been dying to!!

    Sorry I havent been commenting on your blog lately! I've been so busy but I'm about to catch up on all your posts and comment!! :) <3

  2. No worries! I hope you've been busy with fun stuff. ;)

  3. I've seen Artix Zero on blogs, but they don't have it where I live! I really want to try it though! Have a very Merry Christmas :)

  4. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE TO YOU TOO! I've been wanting to try this stuff but I'm not much of an ice cream fan cause I'm more of a froyo lover or bread lover. Have to have my daily 3-5 slices of thick homemade bread! But still, love the nutrition stats on these. I think my favorite ice cream would be pumpkin, peanut butter, or cookies n cream!!! <- with the chunks though because that's what makes it :)

  5. Aaaaaah,I wish they'd sell this ice cream here!
    My favorite ice cream flavors are hazelnut,cinnamon and vanilla. :) I know,I'm boring! :P

    Merry Christmas to you,girl! <3


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