Dec 11, 2011

Gluten Free - NaNeFoMo #12

Today, I took on #12 on my NaNeFoMo bucket list : eat something gluten free!


In fact, I had two gluten-free somethings. I had a pasta dish using gluten free fettucini...

The dish was tastilicious, but only because of my crazy-awesome skills in the kitchen (I kid). The noodles themselves weren't that great and not that awful, so that's meh. 

This was awesome, though:

Gluten free granola? Enjoy Life makes a bunch of gluten-free foods and  they offered to send me their new gluten-free granola: yes please!

Yay to brown rice as the first ingredient! For some reason, a lot of gluten free products seem to not be whole grain. Just because you have celiac's disease doesn't mean that you don't want whole grain nommies! I'm not sure what I was expecting as far as the granola itself went...

But this was not it: chocolatey, chocolatey, chocolatey sweet clusters of goodness! I love my granola cluster-y and this one was definitely one of the most cluster-y granolas that I've had in a loooong while.

And yup, those dark bits studding the clusters are semi-sweet chocolate chips. Gluten free obviously doesn't mean nasty cardboard! Which I was kind of surprised by, since I used to have a friend (way back in the day, when I was maybe five years old) who had celiac's disease and I remember that all of the snacks that she shared with me were at best tasteless and at worse... well, worse than tasteless. :P 

I guess gluten free has come a long way since then! Or maybe Enjoy Life is just awesome? Either way, I'll be buying this granola, even though I'm not gluten free. It's that good! :)

What's your favorite granola?

Have you ever tried something gluten free?

What's your position on the gluten debate?

Favorite type of pasta? I don't really have one. I used to hate fettucini and spaghetti was okay (pasta is only so-so for me) but I've come to see them all as the same - except lasagna pasta sheets. Somehow, they just creep me out. :P


  1. I'm more of a grain person than a pasta fan, but if I had to pick I'd probably say some kind of small pasta. I've never tried gluten-free anything! XD

  2. Favorite granola is currently Erin Bakers oatmeal raisin or fruit n nut. I reaaallllyyyy want to try chocolate granola though. Preferably one that doesn't have diary in it though :/

  3. Lyn - I don't think I had before now, either, but it's good!

    Chloe - Are you very lactose intolerant? Erin Bakers brownies are gooood. :P

  4. Sometimes I eat gluten free things even though I dont have celiac disease..

    That granola looks AWESOME! Loving the big clumps of granola!

  5. I love Cascadian Farm maple & brown sugar granola, but I want to try Love Grown because I have seen it all over the blog world.

  6. Shannon - It's addicting. :P

    Kristabel - I've seen a lot of Love Grown, too, but haven't tried it yet! I don't think I've ever seen it in the grocery store, either, so I have no idea where they're all getting it? Thanks for commenting, I hope to see you here again. :)

  7. Oh my,this granola looks so good! So crunchy and chocolate-y! <3
    You're right,gluten-free things don't always taste bad. But honestly,that's a necessity - just imagine how awful it would be like to have celiac disease elsewise!

    My favorite type of pasta are shells! I don't like spaghetti either that much... But pasta in general is the best stuff ever! :P

  8. ohmygosh CLUSTERS! my favorite! its hard to find a great granola with clusters :)

  9. Kat - It's yummy! You can order it online from Germany, too. :)

    Lizzie - I know, why are they always so crumbly? I love clusters like in this one! :)

  10. this looks SO good hun!

  11. It was, thanks. :) I had the most amazing thing EVER though adn it's soooo beautiful - I'm posting it tomorrow, I'm so excited. :)

  12. Mmmm...I LOVE big clusters in my granola. It's the worst when you open up a bag to find lots of tiny little pieces. I usually don't buy gluten-free foods just because I don't have to, but this brand of granola looks like it's going to be an exception!

  13. Mmm, LOVE granola! I usually buy Udi's or Love Grown, but honestly, I'll eat any variety. The Enjoy Life stuff sounds amazing.

    I eat gluten-free everything! The funny thing is that people don't realize that most of the foods that they already eat are gluten free. It's just the wheat-based products that we have to find replacements for. :) I usually stay away from GF bread an noodles because they're not so tasty, and instead get my carbs from brown rice, quinoa, polenta, sweet potatoes and lots of veggies.

  14. I LOVE this challenge! I definitely think that our bodies have been messed with since we started processing so much of our food... it seems that gluten just seems to cause the biggest reaction in the most people

  15. Emily - My thoughts exactly!

    Sara - I've never had either of those brands. Love Grown is crazy in the blogosphere! Sweet potatoes with almond butter, yogurt, and granola...YUM. ;)

    leavethemwishing - Thanks! I don't know why gluten affects so many people...I don't think it affects me, but I think that environmental factors may be why so many people are so sick. :( Thanks for stopping by!

  16. Yummy, your pics make me hungry :D

    I never tried a specific gluten free product. But the things they sell in the supermarket or even Reformhaus usually don't look that appealing to me :D
    I realy want to visit the US and go shopping to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. Why don't we have those supermarkt chains....

  17. Christine - Thanks! Whole Foods is awesome, but we don't have one in Greensboro...nor do we have Trader Joe's. Boo! :(

  18. My favourite berry is probably a strawberry.

    Random fact - Bananas are berries! I read that in a book called "The Know it All" about a guy who read the entire Encyclopedia Brittanic from A-Z. Strange stuff!

  19. Wow, that's unexpected! Thanks for that funny fact. :P


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