Dec 19, 2011

(Greek) Yogurt Face-Off!

I wanted to try a bunch of different yogurts for NaNeFoMo, so that I could find the *best* yogurt out there. Today, I'm focusing on plain greek yogurt. Several yogurt companies sent me yogurt to sample, so I got down to stuffing my face business.

Yes, I ranked the yogurts and gave them superlatives - I'm obviously super weird cool. :P Anyway, here are my findings!

1) Chobani - The Creamiest

The cup is 6oz (170g) with 18g of protein (wowza - 36% of the daily value!), 7g of (naturally occurring) milk sugars, and 100 calories.

But more importantly:

It's creamy (not clumpy), a little sour (in an awesome way), satisfying (probably because of all of that protein), and an awesome base for yogurt messes.

It's really no surprise that Chobani is so popular! It's absolutely delicious. :)

2) Stonyfield Oikos - The Most Flavorful

The cup is 5.3oz (150g) with 15g of protein (30% of the daily value), 6g of (naturally occurring) milk sugars, and 80 calories.

But, again, more importantly:

Smooth and creamy-licious, too. :)

It's pretty similar to Chobani (they're both delightfully delicious), but has a stronger yogurt flavor and, as it's more flavorful, is a better stand-alone in a yogurt parfait, just like that, as a dip, or in any other 3)

Oh, and that's an organic yum. :)

3) Fage - The Thickest

The cup is 6oz (170g) with 18g of protein (36% of the daily value - just like Chobani!), 7g of (naturally occurring) milk sugars, and 100 calories.

Oh. Wow. This was so thick, I seriously thought I was back in Germany eating quark! Since it's so thick, it's a lot more satisfying - I crumbled a beans 'n greens brownie in and topped it with some melted peanut butter - such a good sundae! Why haven't I tried this before????

Oh, right. Because it's the most expensive of all the yogurts. Price aside, this would be my favorite - but the price is a bit high for a cup of yogurt (it varies depending on the store, but is consistently higher than the other two). You get what you pay for? Though it's a bit of a splurge for this college student, I definitely see Fage cropping up now and again in my future, as a special treat during finals, on my birthday, etc.

OVERALL: I really liked them all! Stonyfield Oikos was the most like regular yogurt, but it also tends to have the best sales in the grocery store and it's organic (big thumbs up). And Chobani is kind of like the trusty, tasty everygirl's yogurt. Fage is the luxury. :P

What's your favorite brand of yogurt?

Have you tried Chobani, Stonyfield Oikos, and Fage?


  1. Greek yogurt is so tasty! Of these three, I've only managed to find Fage in stores, but it's really expensive so I stopped buying it after a few weeks. I agree that it's super super thick.

    But my go-to Greek yogurt is just placing plain yogurt onto a paper towel-lined mesh strainer then plopping it on top of a big bowl, and I leave it overnight in the fridge. So much creamier and cheaper!

  2. I know, I wish it were cheaper! I guess it takes a lot of good stuff to make something so good....I'll have to try your trick!

  3. I always do it like Lyn; sort of making my own greek yoghurt. On the one hand,because it is cheaper,on the other hand because it is almost impossible to find 2% or 0% greek yoghurt here in Germany (and I am too "afraid" to try the 10% yoghurt)...
    However,I think I'd like Chobani best because I love creamy yoghurt! :) Quark is not mine,it's just to thick and crumbly and filling and gnaaaah... I just don't like it that much!

  4. Yummy yoghurt!

    psst.. Merry Christmas X

    I hope it's a good one for you!

  5. Kat - It is a good money saver! But I hope you'll try the 10% someday. Life is too short for food fear. :) Chobani is good, they should go international! Greek yogurt *is* creamier than quark.

    Gary - Thanks and Merry Christmas to you, too! :) I haven't seen much of you in a while, I hope you're well!

  6. Hey,you know what? I'll add the greek yoghurt to my NaNeFoMo list! :D

  7. For me it's a toss up between Chobani and Fage both are my favorites and so good.

  8. Chobani is my all time fave :) For some reason Fage hurts my stomach really bad :/

  9. Hollie - They are! If only Fage weren't so expensive...

    Alexandra - Ouch, oh no! I have no idea why...?

  10. I know everyone loves Chobani, but my heart belongs to Oikos! It just tastes the best to me, and since I usually buy the flavored kinds, I like that Oikos has less sugar than Chobani, plus it's organic! I love Fage too, but it's definitely expensive.

  11. Stonyfield Oikos is good about not adding too much sugar! Yogurt tastes better as yogurt than candy. :)

  12. TEAM OIKOS! The only Greek Yogurt I'll eat. I've tried Chobani and spit it out. I can't stand that stuff. Fage is eh so so. But my Oikos is just perrrfecttt! :)

  13. SoDelicious vanilla! i hear there's a new greek version which i'm quite excited to find and experience! x

  14. I haven't tried any! I know, it's shocking... I'm not on the greek yogurt train :P

  15. Chloe - Haha, wow really? You're in the minority, but good for you! :P

    Nicole - Greek nondairy yogurt? Oooh, got to try it!

    leavethemwishing - Have you ever tried greek yogurt at all? And you just don't like it? Odd! Haha, jk :P

  16. I've tried all three of those and am a fan of all of them. :) Fage is sold here in Germany..but only the 2% kind.

  17. I'm doing a Chobani yoghurt review tomorrow haha :)
    Love this!

    Choc Chip Uru


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