Dec 16, 2011

Hot Cocoa 'Round an Open Fire

You know, to continue the chocolate theme. ;)

And okay, so I didn't really have an open fire yet...but there was some yummy (healthy) hot cocoa involved in my Christmas movie watching afternoon!

A sample of Madre Labs' CocoCardio from iHerb (WOW241 for $5 off!) - yay for free samples! And yay for those that everyone can get. :)

I sweetened it with 5 or 6 NuNaturals Alcohol Free Stevia drops, which were perfect for sweetening the otherwise bitter (all that natural cocoa and BEET JUICE!) CocoCardio without having any kind of aftertaste, physical effect (neither a sugar high/crash nor an artificial sweetener-induced stomachache), or dissolving issues. And it was super simple to just pop off the top and drip in the drops!

Does anyone else love doing the drops from a real dropper? Somehow, it's just so much fun! :P

Anyway, back to my hot cocoa: a.k.a. the drink that is Christmas. It's a 100% natural (non-alkalized) dark cocoa beverage with freeze-dried beet juice powder and concentrated full-spectrum, water-soluble hibiscus extract. Otherwise known as the *only* way to get me to eat beets.

And it was delicious! It has a really intense cocoa flavor and the beet juice makes it a pretty red-brown - not your traditional hot chocolate, but close and at least as good. Plus, while the real thing is nice sometimes (like late at night when you want to go to bed) I prefer this at other times (like in the middle of the day, when I don't want to feel sluggish and sleepy).

I was more freaked out by this than the CocoCardio because it has MUSHROOMS in it. Mushrooms in hot cocoa? Apparently they promote longevity and are energizing...

You don't notice them at all! And this one looks way more like hot cocoa - I prefer it.

And their Immune Punch makes my Chobani pretty. :P

Do these count as a veggie serving? If not, shhhh - we'll pretend. ;)

Oh, and they do CafeCeps instant coffee, too - I'm not a coffee drinker, but I really liked it with a packet of stevia. :)

When do you put on a fire in your fireplace for the first time each winter?

Do you prefer powdered or liquid stevia? I like liquid!

Hot Cocoa, Apple Cider, or other? What's the drink that is Christmas to you?

Do you drink coffee? How do you drink it?

Random, non-Christmas-related funny of the day:

So true! If any guys are reading this: either pull up your pants, so I don't have to see your panties, or don't wear pants!

On second thought, please just pull up your pants. Thanks. :P


  1. The purple yoghurt looks so pretty! :D
    I loooove coffee (although I can't really stomach it) more than any other hot beverage out there! If I drink "normal" coffee",I drink it with a splash of (soy) milk; elsewise,I like Latte Macchiato or Cappuccino... And Starbucks,hehehehe :P

  2. Thanks, I think it's a pretty purple, too! :) My mom misses good German coffee (she says Starbucks is one of the only acceptable alternatives here in the States).

  3. Your yogurt is gorgeous! haha.
    I love coffee! I've been trying not to drink it as much lately, but with the cold weather it seems to be making frequent appearances! All I use is liquid stevia (NuNaturals, of course!) to sweeten it. I don't like creamer or milk in my coffee at all.
    And I'm actually not a huge fan of hot chocolate but I love apple-cider and nearly any flavor of tea. :)

  4. No adults/young adults (in the blogosphere, at least) seem to like hot chocolate - it's always tea! I guess I better grow up. :P

  5. my parents love hot chocolate! i actually dont unless its vegan--but this looks great!finally chocolate i can actually drink!!

  6. That's what I like about it, too - hot milk + my stomach = bad times + groaning :/

  7. Mmmm hot chocolate... you sure have me craving some right now!!


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