Dec 25, 2011

Merry Christmas (and a product review)!

I hope all of you are having a very merry Christmas with your friends and family!

As I'm currently enjoying Christmas with my family, I scheduled this post ahead of time. It's a review of a tasty protein bar that I got to try earlier this month!

Because who wouldn't love getting bars in their stocking?

ThinkThin bars are high protein, no sugar bars that actually taste good. They taste like candy bars, not cardboard, and with ~230 calories, 2g of fiber, and 20g of protein, make a handy snack!

While they also have more granola bar-esque bars (their Crunch and Crunch Fruit & Nut lines) and Bites (mini protein bar pieces), I got to try their traditional protein bars and was happy about that - I really like the smooth protein bar texture!

My favorite kind was:

The brownie crunch was super chocolaty and reminded me of a fudgy chocolate bar (or maybe a super fudgy brownie).

The ingredients list is a little longer than I'd like, with a few more hard-to-pronounce ingredients and artificial sweetener, but it's still good as a now-and-then treat, just like candy bars. And for vegetarians (I'm a vegetarian) the 20g of protein (a combo of whey and soy proteins) is super handy! These aren't vegan-friendly.

Looks like a chocolate bar, tastes like a chocolate bar...

Has the rich, sweet taste of a protein bar. :)

Though the name is ThinkThin and it's undoubtedly a good option for those watching their weight, with its 0g of sugar and 20g of protein, I definitely wouldn't call it a diet food. And not just because it doesn't taste like one - but also because, at 230 calories, it's a good sized snack for those maintaining their weight, too.

I try to avoid artificial sweeteners, so this wouldn't be a daily snack for me, but it's really yummy, so I'll definitely go to ThinkThin for a tasty, convenient snack. Compared to  other candy bars, it has a lot more good fuel for my body - I bet these could be a lifesaver during finals week (ugh, why am I think about exams during Christmas break?).

Do you like protein bars?

Have you ever tried ThinkThin?

What are you up to today? I hope that, whatever it is, it's merry! :) I made such a yummy breakfast, that I just *have* to post the recipe. Tomorrow. ;)


  1. Merry Christmas to you too!! God bless! :)

    That protein bar looks so good! I've heard about it and cant wait to try it sometime! Yes, I like protein bars :)

  2. Merry Christmas!!! I hope you had a good one! I don't like artificial sweetners either! I don't even believe in NuNaturals or whatever. I'm also not big on protein bars unless their Clif. I like getting my protein from pb & eggs! I prefer the real thanggg ya know :)

  3. The real thing *is* better...but I just think protein bars are so yummy! I try to stick to the real thing most of the time, though. :P MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  4. I agree. I don't have a love of different ones because I spend a lot of time at home and can easily steam up something instead. When I am on the go those and the Snickers Marathon Bars keep me at bay for a little bit.

  5. I've never tried the Snickers Marathon Bars...they sound intense, like they're for athletes (aka, you). :P

  6. I don't like ThinkThin bars, but Clifs are the best. Regarding your comment on this being good for vegans, they wouldn't actually be able to eat this. The Whey and Milk Fat are dairy products. Vegans don't eat Anything from animals.

  7. Whoops, I'll change that! I can't believe I didn't notice! Thanks! :)


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