Dec 4, 2011

NuNaturals Giveaway Winners and yummies!

My NuNaturals Giveaway is now closed and the FOUR winners of a 2oz bottle of NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia liquid and a 50ct box of NuStevia Packets are...

Wait, let's talk about what I had for breakfast first.

Yogurt with chopped apple (the rest is sliced on the side), oats, cinnamon, frozen raspberries, and a big handful of sliced almonds. On the side, two slices of Knaeckebrot (which ended up crumbled into the delightful yogurt mess) and a deep dish brownie. Which, it just so happens, contains NuStevia! :P

Okay, okay, I'll stop teasing you.

The four lucky winners are:

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Amanda!  (@ Semi Health Nut)

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Hollie! (@ lolzthatswim)

*As always, the number refers to eligible entrants only!*

I hope you won! Email me at livinglearningeating (AT) googlemail (DOT) com within the next 24 hours with your shipping information, full name, and a phone number, so we can get that NuNaturals stevia out to you ASAP!

If you didn't win, it's okay - it's December, so YAY anyway! :) And if you rock the socks off of NaNeFoMo you'll get a special care package from me with lots of awesomeness in it, so that's always cool. There will probably be stevia involved in all of the awesomeness that will be my big ol' care package. ;)

Especially since you don't have to be in the US to win that - international bloggers, I'm looking at YOU! ;)

Kat of A Dash of Fairy Dust just joined me in NaNeFoMo, yay!, making this (so far) an all-German party. Odd... :P

Kat is being super brave and awesome, tackling some fear foods (cake, pasta, and new cookies - she already conquered cake!) as well as trying out some newbies (Starbucks coffee and Hokkaido Pumpkin). Yay for Kat, let's show her some support! :D


  1. Congratulations to the winners! I'm super jealous. :)
    Your breakfast looks delicious! I love all of the variety. I'm always super indecisive when it comes to my meals and what I'm craving so my plates usually look a lot like yours. They're much more fun to eat that way anyways!

  2. Hopefully you'll be next! I'm going to put up another giveaway towards the end of this week. :) And there will most likely be NuNaturals stevia in the NaNeFoMo winner's care package, so you should join in on the fun! ;)

    There are so many yummy things out there, that variety is definitely the way to go! :)

  3. Lucky winners! XD Mm your breakfast looks great - just a question though, what's Knaeckebrot? It kinda looks similar to crispbread?

  4. Congrats to the winners!
    I'm totally addicted to Knäckebrot, I've finished one bag in three days :D

    I'm just curious, but what is your 'connection' towards Germany? :D

  5. The crunch is pretty irresistable, I've been known to do the same. ;)

    Curiosity is awesome - i'm never offended or bored by it, because I think it shows interest, rather than passiveness! My mom is German (her whole family is still here). My Dad is Zimbabwean, so that's why I'm a mixed kid. :)

  6. Thanks so much for the shout out,I am embarrassed now! But honestly,if I continue like I do,my list will inclue at least 15 foods in the end... I hope that's okay,haha :P

  7. Super awesome breakfast! :)
    Congrats on the giveaway winners!

  8. Kat - That's *awesome!* Don't be embarrassed, you rock. ;)

    Shannon - Thanks! :) FOr some reason, two of the four haven't emailed me their addresses yet. Should I choose 2 new ones?


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