Dec 14, 2011

Peanut Flour!

Peanut flour: the blogosphere has been abuzz with the stuff lately, so I just had to try it for NaNeFoMo. Not to replace peanut butter entirely, of course, but as an alternative to mix things up (because I eat a ton of peanut butter) and as a portable, travel-friendly option.

Has anyone else ever had their peanut butter confiscated by TSA? I think they just saw how yummy it looked and wanted it for themselves! :P Because they wanted to make their own yummy bowls like this:

Anyway, Golden Peanut Company generously offered to send me some peanut flour samples. Since peanut flour is a whole new food variety, though, I wanted to try more than one brand - that way, if I didn't like it, I'd know that it's because I don't like it, not because of a particular brand. So I ordered Protein Plus peanut flour, too.

Meh. The stuff's not cheap.

I tried the Protein Plus peanut flour first:

Mixed the 1/4 cup serving size with some water, as instructed...

It was...bland. I added some salt. It became salty and bland. I added some sugar. It became salty, sweet and bland. The peanut flavor just isn't that strong - not very peanut buttery at all!

And the texture? I really don't like writing non-positve reviews, but...watery. Like flour/protein powder mixed with water. It was barely edible - mixed with oil, instead of water, it was okay. There still wasn't that strong peanut buttery flavor that I love in natural crunchy peanut butters, though!

And that was $5? Boo. :(

To be fair, I could imagine it being a good high-protein, low-carb alternative to regular flour in baked goods. But as an alternative to peanut butter, it really fell short of expectations. Moving on...

Up next was Golden Peanut Company medium roast peanut flour.

It has the same fat content as the Protein Plus peanut flour so how on earth is it so different?

Come on. That even looks yummier! And tastes didn't disappoint - I added a sprinkle of salt, but didn't need any sugar. It was so flavorful on its own! This peanut flour produces a smooth spread that's really closely related to peanut butter (in fact, if I hadn't mixed it myself, I could have thought that it was peanut butter) and is really rich and full-bodied.

And the 28% fat light roast is seriously peanut butter. Period. Except, you know, in convenient-for-flying/traveling/baking powdered form and with half the fat (in case you eat boatloads of the stuff, like someone I know :P , and give yourself tummyaches from all that fat at once).

Unlike the Protein Plus stuff, both of these definitely satisfied my peanut butter craving. :) I also like that it's already in a jar, so I don't have to do the messy transferring-it-over business myself.

Plus, college kids don't always have extra jars just lying around. So already in a jar? Big plus.

Okay, so you can officially consider me a peanut flour convert. Love it! :D

Peanut flour - yay or nay?

What's your favorite brand of peanut flour?

Do you have any funny TSA stories?


  1. I bought the protein plus peanut flour and I agree. It's completely unpleasent! I thought I didn't like peanut flour but maybe it's just the brand. I'm about to hit up the Golden Peanut Company right now ;)

  2. I've never tried Golden Peanut Company's flour before, but I'm intrigued now that you said it has more flavor! :D
    I've only had Protein Plus, but I kinda like it. I can't imagine what a tastebud party I'd have with MORE flavor!

  3. Peanut flour gets a big thumbs up from me! You have to (!) try this recipe and thank me later :):

    Maybe even use the peanut flour you didn't like - I think it's the same that was available at Trader Joe's and that's the one I got. My amazing American pen pal mailed me some but I'll run out soon - aaah!

  4. Chloe - Same, I'm so glad that I tried Golden Peanut Co peanut flour, because the Protein Plus stuff was *BLECH* and I didn't get why everyone loved peanut flour! I don't know why Protein Plus peanut flour is so icky?

    Alexandra - It's sooooo flavorful! Pretty much exactly like peanut butter. :)

    Suenne - Thanks, I will! :)

  5. I am pretty much loving peanut flour, I do agree though it is not cheap. I just love it because you make more of it and there seem to be less calories. I mix it in oatmeal and I also freeze it to make Peanut Candy.

  6. Chels - That's true (since it has lower fat content) but I think regular PB is just fine, too! Calories are necessary for life. :) But it's true that, just like anything else, too much or too little of them is no good!

    Peanut candy sounds delicious, by the way. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I'm so jealous you've got peanut flour on hand! I'm seeing it around everywhere and it's being used in these great recipes and everything... I'll have to order some soon. ;)

  8. Peanut flour = yay! But not as a replacement for peanut butter. I won't even go there. Doesn't work. I personally like to bake with it or just use it for the texture it gives to things that you can mix it with. It's probably my favorite flour to bake with!

  9. Looks pretty cool, but I have to admit, that I only tried peanut butter once. That was years ago and I didn't liked it at all.
    But I would try the pb flour, because it is more versatile :)

  10. Aw,I'm sorry you didn't like the Protein Plus Peanut Flour,but you can always give it to meeeee - I LOVE that stuff! :P
    BUT I never use it as a replacement for peanut butter because it is clearly NOT the same! I either make some sauce with it or some kind of dip; it is also pretty tasty in cottage cheese or yoghurt,but definitely not as a spread on sandwiches!

  11. Tara - Exactly how I feel! :)

    Christine - German peanut butter isn't very good, you should come to the US and try some. You'd change your mind. ;)

    Kat - Once you try Golden Peanut Co. peanut flour you'll *definitely* change your mind! :P

  12. I actually really love the Protein Plus mixed with a little Stevia and a bit of water for a nice paste, but I'd like to try the other kind to see how it compares! It also works well in place of other flours and I love the high protein content.

  13. I've never tried mixed with sweetener/flavoring...

  14. I love peanut flour! I buy a 5lb bag of the 12% light roast from every month and a half. Have you tried baking with it in place of flour since posting this last year? Or maybe just added to smoothies? I bet it would be great in the Green Monster you have for WIAW!!!

    1. I've tried baking with it, but not adding it to smoothies - I need to try that!


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