Dec 10, 2011

Post Travel Random Post

Yes, I wanted to start and end a non-one-word title with the same word. Moving on... :P

Traveling back home (we left Germany on Monday and got home close to midnight on Thursday) was exhausting, but fun. I didn't feel like taking many pics, but rather just living in the moment - so I did. Lovely restaurants, pretty Christmas decorations, jet lag and all. :)

I did take a few pictures on the flight, though, so here they are:

I flew with Delta airlines, but booked KLM and it was a booking disaster! The flight crew was friendly, though, so all was good once we were in the air. :)

My Delta airlines lacto-ovo vegetarian lunch. I ate it all up - yum yum!

There was some mix-up and they didn't have my vegetarian option for the second service (boo!), so they gave me a few things to put together: chocolate-vanilla swirl gelato,  peanuts, 3 packs of pretzels, and two trays of fruit made for a tasty ice cream sundae to keep me going until we landed and I could get real food.

Once in Boston, it was a struggle to stay awake until a reasonable hour - we barely made it to 8pm. But then we were all up shortly after 2am! Trying to sleep was pointless, but let's just say that so little sleep made me a bit odd for the rest of the day.

As shown in (Pinterest-viewing) progression pictures:

Then again, isn't that what one always looks like when reading the humour section of Pinterest? :P

What are you doing this weekend?


  1. Glad you had a nice flight!
    My weekend--studying my eyes off ewwww

  2. I'm glad you arrived save in the US! Although it's sad to know you're so far again now,aaaaw... The next time you come here,we gotta meet somewhere! :)

  3. Alexandra - Good luck, girl! Try to have some fun with it. ;)

    Kat - Thanks! Or you should come to the States sometime. :P Good luck, I'll cross my fingers for you on December 20 (or 'druck Dir die Daumen').

  4. Looks like you did some good improvisation with that pretzel sundae "meal" :P

    Love your faces! I so do that raised eyebrow look :P

  5. Yum, that ice cream sundae looks so good! At least they were nice enough to bring that all for you. Have a safe flight! :)

  6. That ice cream looks the bomb. I wish it was warm enough for ice cream up hurr. Anyways-that is exactly what I look like on pinterest. Glad to know I'm not the only one. :)

  7. It's never too cold for ice cream! And pinterest is HILARIOUS. :P

  8. I love how you make a "ice cream" mess with all the things they gave you..creative! :)

    Haha, I love Pinterest! :)

  9. Haha, thanks. Me + ice cream = happiness. Delta obviously knew that it was the way to my heart, after they forgot to load my meal on the plane. :P

  10. Thanks, Jay!

    Lizzie & Meg - Haha *NOT* jet-lagged! But thanks for being so sweet, guys. :P

  11. That double chocolate chip thing in your first meal sounds delish!! The flights I've been on never serve stuff that good! Boo:(
    That pretzel, gelato, peanut mixture turned out looking really good! :D

  12. Vien - It was yummy! I was surprised, too, because plane food isn't always so yummy (and they often skip dessert on vegetarian meals - why?)

  13. YES! I noticed that too!! When I used to order vegetarian meals, I never got desserts! hmph. I would have to steal stuff from my brother's tray ;)

  14. Vien - Haha, yeah either fly Delta or steal from your brother. Sounds good to me! :P

  15. You have a beautiful smile in the last picture :)
    Do you have an pinterest account? I really wanted to sign up, but I need an invitation. I'm not sure if I understood it right, I only know, that I need to sign up!! :D:D

  16. Christine - Thanks. :) I just got an invitation - I'm not quite sure how it works, but if I can invite you (once I accept my invitation) let me know and I'll do it! :)

  17. Oh, that would be awesome :D
    Just send the invitation to blumenband[at]
    Thank you so much!

  18. I just sent an invite - I hope it worked! Let me know. :)


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