Dec 22, 2011

Product Review: MiracleNoodle

I've seen shirataki noodles out and about in the blogosphere a lot lately - but I had no idea what they tasted like, how to use them, etc. MiracleNoodle sent me some samples to review and here's what I think of their Garlic Herb Fettucini (a unique flavor that I think might be unique to them?).

First off, don't forget to rinse them when you take them out of the packet! They're stored in a water-filled packet, to keep them moist, I suppose, but when you first cut the packet open, there's a very strong smell of brine.

Then you boil them for a minute, pat them dry (I just drained them again, because I take shortcuts with food prep sometimes) and they don't taste like brine at all!

I don't like pasty very much because the texture just puts me off - not my thing. This has a completely different texture, though! It has the fun-to-eat strands of pasta (these are super long, though) but they're chewier and almost a little bit...gelatinous?

I liked the seasoning in these, because I got the garlic flavor (yum) without the garlic aftertaste (not yum). There was something though - maybe fennel? - that kind of stood out a lot, making this not a great choice to pair with a tomato or cheese sauce. You'd want to stick to a plain variety for that.

I had mine with green beans, olive oil, and ketchup/horseradish mustard on the side - don't go light on the olive oil, because the noodles themselves have only a little over 30 calories for the whole packet (about 2 servings) and you need some energy with your food! I'd say this would probably be a good choice for diabetics, since it has a low carb content and won't really affect blood sugar very much. Just a thought...

Oh, and like with peanut flour, stevia, and raw food, I'm not suggesting this as a replacement food - I'm suggesting it as a food to enjoy along with other foods. After all, the goal is to expand ones food repertoire and not narrow it! :)

They're pretty filling, so if you (like me) don't need to lose weight, since you're already at a BMI of over ~19 and at whatever weight your doctor approves as right for you, you might want to stick to just half a packet.

That way, you have space for a hot fudge sundae as dessert. ;)

Have you ever tried MiracleNoodles?

Do you like garlic? Fennel?


  1. I've never tried these before due to the awful smell I heard the give off and because they're like eating nothing. I mean, great for obese people but not people like me who eat a crap load anyway to maintain their weight. So I really love that you wrote "lots of olive oil" and "leave space for a huge ice cream sundae" :) I only like garlic when it's roasted or when it's not the "star of the show" type thing. And fennel? Never had it. Hmm! That should be on my NaNeFoMo bucket list!

  2. They do give off an awful taste, but I prefer the texture. For people who like pasta's normal texture, though, these aren't necessary. And yeah, it's definitely important to make sure you catch up the calories somewhere else if you use a low-cal base. ;) Do it! Fennel is interesting. :P

  3. Hmmm. Interesting. I have heard a lot about these types of noodles but nothing that stands out to me. I want to try them and I'm obsessed with garlic so maybe that is the one to go. :)

  4. I've never tried Miracle Noodles before..


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