Dec 23, 2011

Quick S'Mores Idea

I don't have any pictures of the final thing, but I my big sister came up with a brilliant snack idea : microwave smores!

Nuke a Hershey's bar and a giant marshmallow on one Vanilla Honey Graham cookie, then sandwich another cookie on top. YUM.

I don't have any pictures of the completed S'mores, because we wolfed them down.

Cookie samples? Gone.

Lucky for us, Enjoy Life has a few other types of gluten-free cookies, too:

We didn't like this quite as much - all of the Enjoy Life crunchy cookies are sweet and non-hippie tasting (though they do include millet and buckwheat flours in their gluten-free flour mix), but these had a bit of a side flavor. Maybe from the different flours? The sugar crisp cookies had that taste, too, though my little sister loved them, anyway.

The crunchy double chocolate cookies didn't though. Just very chocolaty, tasty goodness.

I'll definitely have to pick some up the next time I visit my Celiac friend (does that sound offensive? She calls herself that, though, and 'my friend who suffers from Celiac's disease' is just way too long).

Do you know anyone with celiac's disease?


  1. I actually did a huge research project on celiacs. That is such a great idea though. I might have to go hunt down those cookies. :)

  2. Hahah... non-hippy tasting!!
    Did once know someone who had celiac's at my old job... I think most other people just avoid wheat because they think it's healthier.

  3. I don't know anyone with celiac's disease,no...
    The cookies sound yummy though,the Vanilla Honey Grahams would possibly be my fave! :P

  4. All those cookies look so good!
    I know a few bloggers with celiac disease but no one in real life..

  5. Hollie - Microwave S'mores = why I love my sister. Just kidding! :P

    tryingfood - I don't think there's anything unhealthy about wheat. I think that thought must be a leftover from low-carb diet eras or something...?

    Kat - They're mine. ;)

    Shannon - Haha, I love how there's blogging and there's real life. True, though! :P

  6. aww man that sounds delish! what a great idea!!!!


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