Dec 23, 2011

Soylful Snackin'

That was supposed to be a pun on soulful, but I don't think it worked. *Moving on.*

I know the whole soy thing is a top of hot contention in the nutritional sphere, but here's my opinion, via a quote from my middle school English teacher (it was about adjectives then, but you can apply it here, too):

"Don't over-do it, stupid."

He didn't really mince his words. :P Yes, too much soy isn't good for you. But neither is too much water, too much sugar, too much stress, too much fiber, etc. Just don't over-do it! 

But soy has some health benefits, too (after all, it's a big part of some Asian diets that are considered healthy). They contain Omega 3 fatty acids, iron, fiber, a variety of vitamins, and isoflavones. 

Anyway, I made a soy-tastic bowl today:

Whole Soy & Co Soyogurt with oats, Sunfood Incan berries, fresh blackberries, and half of a sample bag of Glenny's Caramel Soy Crisps

A bag has two servings and they taste just like caramel corn from the county fair (*sigh,* nostalgia) with the same texture as rice crisps only a little bit denser. For that, it has 10g of protein, 2g of fiber, only 2g of sugar (how??? There's no other sweetener and yet they're so sweet!), and only six ingredients. 

Ingredients:  Low fat non-GMO soy flour, rice, mid oleic sunflower oil, sugar, natural flavor, sea salt.

It made for a very tasty bowl. :) They also have other flavors (BBQ, Cheddar, Creamy Ranch, Multigrain, etc.) but I'm a sweet over savory person. My sister and mom liked those, though (my little sister was all over the cheddar). 

What a yummy afternoon snack! And wonderful fuel for an afternoon of writing. 

In my opinion, you can enjoy tasty, healthy soy as long as it's in moderation. 

This is an exaggeratedly flippant statement, but some soy here and there isn't going to make you grow a third breast. It is possible to read too much into things.

What's your favorite county fair food?

Are you ever  hypochondriac? It's okay. :P

What's one random saying from a previous teacher? Preferably something funny...


  1. Your English teacher's one smart cookie. I definitely agree - everything is fine, as long as you do it in moderation. ;) I'm a huuuuuge fan of soy though. Your soygurt bowl looks amazing! I've never had soy yogurt.

    Hm my Math teacher from last year used to tell us not to copy each other's homework by saying "Don't be a copy cat, later you become a fat cat!". Needless to say, half the time we were NOT thinking about math. :D

  2. Lyn - It was good. ;)

    And...huh? I don't get it... :P

  3. Hmmmm these crackers sound so good! I'd probably go more for the savory flavors though,Cheese and Creamy Ranch sound awesome!

    My favorite fair food are crêpes! I always eat a crêpe when visiting a fair,either with cheese or applesauce ;)

  4. I get really bad tummy problems whenever I eat soy products. I'm not 100% sure, maybe I should try e.g. Tofu one more time... Maybe it's another food that causes the problems.

    The Christmas market season is almost over, but I like the mushroom stir fries they sell there. Or potato fritter. Or roasted almonds :D
    When there is a county fair in the summertime I would choose the chocolate covered strawberries :)

  5. Kat - My dad loved the savory flavors (and I have to say, BBQ *was* pretty awesome. Sadly, crepes aren't a fair food here. :(

    Christine - Ooh, really? That's odd. I've never heard of that, but I suppose you could be allergic...people are allergic to everything these days. Roasted almonds = awesome!

  6. These look so good! Caramel? With 10g of protein?? Yes please! I love the quakers rice crisp bite thingies so I'd imagine I would loveeee these! :)

  7. Definitely, Chloe - these are *even* better! I liked the quakers rice crisp thingies, too. :)

  8. I've heard about those soy crisps but never had the chance to try them..YET! When I go visit the US again sometime soon I'll def try them! :D I have a whole list of things I want to try :D

  9. Do most things not ship to Germany if you order online, or does shipping just get crazy expensive?


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