Dec 1, 2011

Welcome Winter

Dear Winter,

Spring is the pretty girl, Summer is the popular cheerleader, and Autumn is the cool hipster with the I'm-so-not-into-being-liked-that-whoops-I'm-loved. But I say boo to them! We're not supposed to pick favorites in life, I know, but you're mine.

Shh, don't tell!

They say you start on December 22 this year, but we both know that you start the same day you always do - December 1. So welcome, Winter!

I welcome you for your:

snow flurries that cover everything in a layer of sparkling white prettiness,

ice that turns berries, twigs, and pieces of grass into beautiful, albeit short-lived, souvenirs,

holiday season that warms my heart and home,

cold that wakes me up and makes me feel alive,

Um, know we all look like that during the first day of snow. ;)
evenings by the fire place with good friends, good family, good food, and good books,

wonderful memories of snow days spent sledding, screeching, and searching for candles when the power went out,

and for everything else that makes you you.

Welcome, Winter!

Love, LLE

*These aren't my photographs, they're just random pretty pics from the web!*

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  1. Love this post! There's no seasons in Singapore, so winter for you guys translates into MONSOON SEASONNNN. Where it rains. Every bloody day. ><

  2. Oh, no! I guess the upside is everything will grow nicely once its over? Whenever I'm somewhere without a pretty winter season, I like to either read a book set in winter or pop in a Christmas movie - then I get to pretend! I'm glad you enjoyed the post. :)

  3. hello, winter white! i missed you and all things with dr. zhivago fashion zest! x

  4. Those pictures are beautiful. I really want it to snow, but at this moment it is raining!! I hate this weather...

  5. Here, too - a gross diagonal drizzle and lots of wind. :(

  6. I'm usually a winter hater, but this post has reminded me of all the reasons I love it. I seriously can't wait for the holidays to start!

  7. So many people say they hate winter until I'm like, "what about...?" It's really such an awesome season! :)

  8. Bahaha I love the way you described each season. So true.

  9. I hope it snows before Monday! Or that it snows in London! Because we pretty much DON'T get snow in Greensboro.


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